Six million dollar man versus Bigfoot

Bigfoot Versus

The $6 Million Man



hurt easy (2) It never hurts to ask
mutual match (3) have it your way
evenly easy now the feeling is mutual
bet Sasquatch so it seems






Steve: Do you understand me? Are you a man? Well it never hurts to ask.

The woman? Can you understand the . . .

Easy now, easy. I don’t want to hurt you. I’d like to think the feeling is mutual.

Okay, have it your way.

Woman: “Ooo. Very nice.
Man 1: I’d say they’re evenly matched.
Woman: “I don’t know.
Man 2: “I’d still bet on the Sasquatch.”

Man 1: “Oh, only his right arm is of special construction.”
Woman: “So it would seem.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Bigfoot and the Six Million Dollar Man (Steve) arranged and agreed to fight at a specific time and location. True or false?

2. Was Steve thrilled and excited about encountering Bigfoot?

3. Steve was belligerent and wanted to fight Bigfoot. Is this right or wrong?

4. Did the Six Million Dollar (Bionic) Man have the upper hand against Bigfoot, or were they evenly matched?

5. Were the people scared, worried and concerned about Steve and Bigfoot?

6. Bigfoot ran away from the fight. Is this correct or incorrect? Why did Bigfoot run away? Is he real or completely normal?

7. Did Steve chase after Bigfoot? Did he catch Bigfoot?
A. I have heard of Bigfoot. Yes or no? What is Bigfoot? Describe Bigfoot.

B. Is Bigfoot real? Do you think Bigfoot exists?

C. Are there mythical creatures in your country’s folklore? Describe them.

D. Are these mythical creatures benign and friendly, or horrible and dangerous or both or in-between?

E. What are some modern, fantasy creatures?

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