singing trolls

The Singing Trolls



soul lifelong what it takes
judge ambition win/won/won
awful made of competition
troll outsell dream (2)
spice honest best of luck
deal stage show (2)
trust group the way it goes
drag sort of grounded
rude attitude motorway
crazy accept put it (2)
lippy compare spokesperson






Singing Souls: We’re the Singing Souls.

Ant and Dec: They are Louise, Tasha and Hannah: three students and lifelong friends from Wilshire. They think they have what it takes to better than all of them.

Hannah: We’ll show the judges that we are better than the Sugar Babes. We’re all very, very powerful singers when we want to be. We are going to show the judges what we got. And we are going to show the judges what we need to win this competition.

So it’s time for the girls to show the judges just what they’re made of.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Simon: Okay, guys you are . . .
Hannah: We’re the Singing Souls.
Simon: The Singing Trolls?
Hannah: Souls. Do you want me to come down there?
Simon: Sorry. The Singing . . .
Hannah: Souls.
Simon: Okay, tell me girls, what’s the sort of dream here? Who do you want to be like in seven or eight year’s time? Spice Girls?
Hannah: Anybody can outsell them. Anybody could!
Piers: What’s your ambition? Okay, girls, best of luck.
Hannah: Thanks.
Ant: Not a lot of moves in this.
Dec: Not a lot of stage presence.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Simon: Girls, can I be honest with you? That is one of the worst groups I have ever heard in my life.
Hannah: You want to come here and sing, Simon? Cause I’d like to see you sing.
Simon: Look, girls, here’s the deal: You sing; I judge. That’s the way it goes.
Hannah: You sing — and I judge you. Because trust me, I can be just as bad as you.
Amanda: You are grounded.
Hannah: Bite me.

Ant: Let’s get out of here.
Dec: Negative words.

Simon: Look girls: you sound like three cats being dragged up the motorway.

It was just awful.

You know, and to compare yourselves with the Spice Girls, it’s just crazy.

Hannah: Yeah, but Spice Girls couldn’t sing anyway.

Ant and Dec: She’s got an attitude. ATTITUDE!

Louise: You can be rude, sometimes. I know what you say is true, but you can be rude.

Ant and Dec: He can. I guess you’re right, he can be rude.

Simon: Well, actually, you put it much better than your friend. So I accept that. So you should be the spokesperson. You just switch places with lippy.

Time to say yes or no. Piers?

Piers: It’s going to be a no. Sorry.
Amanda: It’s going to be a no for me, girls.
Simon: Okay, it’s a no girls.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Was Hannah, the girl in the green shirt, modest or overconfident? Did she brag and boast about their singing talents? What did she say?

2. Simon misheard Hannah. True or false? What was the name of the group? What did Simon think their name was? Was Hannah offended? Was she angry?

3. Did Hannah look up to the Spice Girls and Sugar Babes? Did they see them as idol or role-models? Does she like and admire them?

4. The Singing Souls finished their performance. Is this right or wrong? What did the audience think of their act?

5. Was Simon kind and sympathetic towards them, or was he mean and nasty?

6. Hannah agreed with and accepted Simon’s criticism. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. Did Louise and Tasha behave the same way as Hannah? Were they completely silent or did they say anything? Simon agreed with Louise. Yes or no?

8. How did the judges vote?


A. What do you think of the Singing Souls’ act?

B. Was Hannah freely expressing herself, being disrespectful and rude, or both?

C. Do you think Simon was behaving appropriately or inappropriately?

D. Are there people in your city or country who behave like Hannah (and Simon)?

E. What will happen to Louise, Tasha and Hannah?


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