Singapore living room

A House in Singapore




toy keep (2) inhabitant
twin welcome shelter (2)
marker play (3) bomb shelter
double board (3) come/came/come
use concrete reinforced
flat (3) store (2) dream (2)
mirror thing (2) double up
fast (2) unit (2) come with
as well wipe off draw/drew/drawn
wipe celebrate decoration
quite look (2) big/bigger/biggest
quite unique around (3)
rural reminder infrastructure
kid (2) safe (2) good/better/best
filled memory at the moment






Singapore, 4.8 million inhabitants

Dominique: Hi welcome to Singapore. I’m Dominique and I live here with my husband Mark and our three children. And this is our little flat.

This year is Michael and he’s nine months old. And here are twin brothers: this is Christian and that’s Daniel. They are just about three-and-a-half years old.

And they love to play with Michael’s toys.

Mark: Something very unique to flats in Singapore is each unit comes with a bomb shelter. It comes with reinforced concrete. And we use it to store our alcohol, where we want to keep that safe and other things.

Dominique: This mirror doubles up as our art board, where we we’ve given them these markers so that they can draw on the mirror as well. And then it can be wiped off.

And sometimes if we celebrate a birthday, we might draw a decoration on the mirror too. As well as it makes the flat look a bit bigger.

Cleaned Every Day

Mark: Well these are just some pictures of Singapore 20 years ago; Singapore’s progress quite fast and in the last 20 years. And as you can see, it was more rural: a lot of trees not so many buildings around.

This is the old picture of Chinatown in Singapore. And you can see the infrastructure wasn’t so good.

So we like to keep pictures of history and Singapore and reminder kids how it was before.

Dominique: This is my dream living for now. It’s a living room that’s filled with a lot of very good memories because of the children, and this is where they play. I’m not sure whether it’s my dream, but at the moment it is and it’s home.

Mark: Bye guys from Singapore.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Entrance. Singapore is a very big country with a huge population. True or false?

Living room. Do Dominique, Mark and their children live in a family home in the suburbs? Are they a young, middle-aged or old family?

Hallway. Christian and Daniel like to play video games and soccer. Is this right or wrong?

Kitchen. Does Dominique get very angry when her children draw on the mirrors? Does she scold and yell at Daniel and Christian when they draw on the mirrors?

Dining Room. Behind the mirrors are books, clothes, fruits and vegetables. Is this correct or incorrect?

Bathroom. Has Singapore always remained the same, or has Singapore changed over the years? How was Singapore different 20, 30 or 50 years ago?

Bedroom. Do they like their home?
Study (Room). Do you and your friends live in a flat (apartment) or family home?

Basement, Cellar. I am from Singapore. I come from Singapore. I live in Singapore. Yes or no?

Attic. Have you met Singaporeans in your city? Have you visited Singapore?

Door, Window. Describe the geography and climate of Singapore.

Walls, Floors, Ceiling. Describe the economy of Singapore. What are its industries? What does it produce, export and import?

Fireplace, Chimney. What is the food of Singapore like? Describe the food of Singapore.

Carpet, Curtains. What are some cultural, historical, natural and tourist attractions in Singapore?

Table and Chairs. Does Singapore have any problems or challenges?

Sofa, Armchair. My friends and I would like to live in Singapore. True or false?

Shelf, Shelves. What do you associate with Singapore? What comes to mind when you think of Singapore?

Bookcase. What will happen in the future? What will Singapore be like in the future?

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