sinful bizarre calm

Key, Background, Specific

Mobile, Sinful, Bizarre



lost (2) worth key (2)
background specific overall
next available mobile
senior dusty effective
sinful independent dependent
sandy overnight calm
slim bizarre cruel

  Lost (2), worth, key (2), background, specific

1. My friend lost his (her) cell phone and keys. True or false? Are there lost or missing people in your city?

2. How much is an education worth? “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” What does this mean? Give examples.

3. What are the keys to success? The keys to success are….

4. I work better with my favorite background music playing. I study better with my favorite music playing in the background. Is this correct or wrong?

5. Is it better to be a generalist or specialist? It it better to know many things in general or something specific very well?

Next, available, mobile, senior, dusty

6. Who should be the next leader of your country? ………should be the next leader.

7. The internet and mobile phone connection is available throughout (everywhere in) my town, city, and country. Yes or no?

8. In the future, workers will have to be more mobile. What do you think?

9. Who looks after senior citizens in your country? Who should take care of elderly people?

10. Have you looked inside your computer? Was it dusty inside?

Effective, sinful, dependent, sandy

11. What is the most effective way to learn Italian? The most effective way to increase sales is……..

12. What are some sinful things or behavior? …… considered very sinful.

13. People should be dependent on their employer and government. Do you agree?Should children been dependent or independent of their parents?

14. When did your country become independent, or has your country always been independent?

15. Do you like sandy places, or do you prefer grass or concrete?

Overnight, calm, slim, cruel, bizarre, overall

16. I have ridden on an overnight train. Yes or no? Have you stayed overnight at your friend’s house? Did you spend a night at your friend’s house?

17. Do you anyone who stays completely calm during a crisis while everyone else is panicking?

18. Are there people who remain slim no matter what they eat? Do you know people who are slim even though they eat anything?

19. Many people say capitalists, big business, multinational corporations are very cruel. What do you think? Why do they say this?

20. I have watched the show “Bizarre Foods”. Is this correct or wrong? Describe the show Bizarre Foods.

21. Overall, how is business coming along? Is business doing okay?

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