show time

Show Time




gift premier exchange
charm stuffed customary
end up costume bustling
VIP ensemble pep talk
bust premier make up
mood fill in spectator
tremble gradually auditorium
excite appear express
acrobat troupe attitude
reaction homage intermission
announce potpourri sensational
hoist alien invade
foyer undergo fall of my shoulder
amazing ovation standing ovation
conclude unbelievable out of this world






The day of the premier. This may be Nina Makogonova’s most important work day in two years.

The dancers exchange gifts.

Nina: “They’re our lucky charms; they’re how we wish each other luck: mostly chocolate, a few stuffed animals. That’s customary in theater.”

“Come along. I’m not really supposed to show this. This is where it all ends up: the lucky charms people give us.”

Costumer designer Canuli’s work is done. He designed 500 costumes for the show.

Meanwhile things are bustling at the Friedrichsstad-Palast Theater. Nearly two-thousand invited guests are expected, including VIPs, like fashion designer Wolfgang Wolf.

Ballet dancer, Alexandra Giorgieva gives her ensemble a pep-talk for today’s premier.

Then it’s off to make up. In a pre-determined order, all the dancers are readied for their first appearance on stage.

A copy of the bust of the famous bust of Nefertiti graces the foyer and gets spectators in the mood.

Gradually they start to fill into the auditorium. They are joined by creative director, Manfred Thierry Mugler.

In the wings, Makogonova prepares for her first appearance.

Nina: “I’m trembling with excitement. It’s all so new; it’s the first time we’ve done this for an audience.”

And it’s show time!

The Wyld, out of this world aims to express Berlin’s attitude.

Nina: “They like it!”

Over a hundred artists are performing, including Ukrainian acrobats, from the troupe, the White Gothic.

We hear the first reactions during the intermission.

Wolfgang Joop, fashion designer: “It’s clearly an homage to Berlin. I like that.”

Boris Entrup, stylist: “It’s such a fascinating potpourri. The costumes are sensational and the make-up was great.”

Guido Maria Kretschmer, fashion designer: “Parts of it were truly inspiring. I thought: I could do that to, sometimes. From a designer’s perspective, it was lovely.”

After the intermission, things get serious for Nina Makogonova. Her Nefertiti solo is coming up.

A loudspeaker announces five minutes until the start of Act II — no time to lose.

But Makogonova is having costume troubles.

“Nina, we have to go!”
Nina: “I’m coming. I just have to sew my shoes back together.”

We are now under the stage. Makogonova is hoisted up the stage as if she is the famous bust of Nefertiti. The original is part of the collection of Berlin’s Neuhaus Museum.

But in this show, Nefertiti comes to life. She is the queen of Berlin night life.

Between scenes, she undergoes quick costume changes.

The Wyld concludes with Berlin being invaded by a pack of aliens.

Makogonova has been on stage for almost the entire second act, and has to keep making costume changes.

Some two hours after it all began, it’s time for the big finale. The cast gets a standing ovation.

Manfred Thierry Mugler, The Wyld Creative Director: “You know she’s an alien. Because she’s out of this world! But definitely an amazing talented lady.”

Nina: “It’s an unbelievable feeling! I’m so relieved a huge weight has fallen off my shoulders. All the hard work was worth it.”

But Nina Makogonova’s work is just beginning. She’ll be performing up to eight performances of the Wyld every week.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Violet, Purple. Today was a championship football match. True or false?

Green. Did Nina and other dancers receive lots of money? Were there are lots of money on the table? Why were there lots of chocolate on the table?

Pink. Who are the audience members? Who did the audience consist of?

Black. The performer wore blue jeans, T-shirts and sneakers. Is this right or wrong?

Blue. Do the performers wear the same costumes or do they have to change to different costumes? Can they change slowly, or do they have to rush?

White. What was the finale? What happened in the finale?

Orange. Nina has a very light, easy schedule. Is this correct or wrong?

Yellow. Does dancing and performing come easily and naturally to Nina, or does she have to train and practice?
Brown. My friends and I have performed on stage. Yes or no?

Tan, Beige. There are many dance, acting and drama schools in my city.

Grey. Does your city have a theater or opera house?

Aqua, Turquoise.
Do you attend theaters, shows, concerts, or other performances? Who attends them?

Red. What will happen in the future?

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