should 3

Should, III

Advice, Mild Obligation


Should, Ought to

When giving or asking for advice, we have several choices. The most common form is with should. Ought to is less common and formal, while could refers to suggestions.

Answer the following questions or respond to the given situation. Say why and give examples.

Education, Learning

26. Man Yim Guo would like to study business administration at a foreign university.

27. While studying at university, Guido befriends a fellow classmate, Ayesha; however Ayesha’s father is strongly opposed to their friendship.

28. Etienne is going to attend university. What should he major in (study)?


29. Penny and Derrick have two teenage children. They do not listen to their parents and have bad behavior.

30. Concetta and Dmitri have met and fallen in love over the Internet; Concetta lives in Tierra del Fuego and Dmitri lives in Chelyabinsk.

31. Terry always asks Christine to go out to restaurants, museums, parks. Sometime they go, but often she says she has to visit her relatives, friends, or parents in the village.

32. Terry moved away—but now in her e-mail, Christine says she misses him very much.

33. Martha and Dennis are parents of two little children, Brenda, 8 and Todd, 11. What should they instill in them?

34. Sheryl was 36 and single. Under pressure from her family she agreed to date Matt. Soon they got married. Right after that, a new accountant joins her company. Jason turns out to be Mr. Perfect! He and Sheryl clicked instantly.

35. Bjornstjerne wants to find and marry his ideal future wife.


36. Tricia and Cody were hiking in the mountains and woods last weekend. They then got lost and came upon a very old mansion. Going inside they found some ancient gold and silver jewellery, coins and other relics. What should they do?

37. Oliver and Agnes were driving late one night on a lonely, country road. Suddenly they hit something on the road. They are all alone (they think). It is exactly midnight.

38. Linda comes from a working class background; her father is a machinist in a factory. She wants to become a millionaire.

39. Troy works as an air traffic controller at Heathrow Airport. Then his wife left him. His son has been arrested, convicted and sent to prison for dealing with drugs. The traffic and pollution are horrible. His teenage daughter has announced that the result of her test is positive.

40. In the past, Christine worked a 9 to 5, Monday to Friday job. But these days during busy times she has to work overtime and on weekends; but when business is slow, her work hours are reduced. Sometime they tell her not to come to work until business picks up again.


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