Should, III

Advice, Mild Obligation


Should, Ought to

When giving or asking for advice, we have several choices. The most common form is with should. Ought to is less common and formal, while could refers to suggestions.


Answer the following questions or respond to the given situation. Say why and give examples.


12. Emile is a CEO of a tire company. Now however business is slow. The company is losing profits. What should or must he do?
He should . . .

13. Fatima and Yusuf own and manage a supermarket. They want to increase turnover.
They should . . .

14. Sonya has worked as a math teacher for 12 years. Now she wants to open her own private learning center. She is in the planning stage now.

15. Chris is an inventory clerk. He wants to move up the company ladder and earn more money.

16. Maria wants to invest in and open a new business with good prospects. What would you recommend?


Government, Politics

17. The Prime Minister wants to improve the economy and create more jobs.

18. The Republic of Mitochonia is plagued by graft, bribery, embezzlement, fraud, nepotism, cronyism. What can Mitochonia do to improve its lot?

19. The European Union should stretch from Greenland to the Bering Straits.

20. There is a national conscription (draft). But Joseph is a pacifist.

21. Should the government censor violent movies and TV shows?

22. The Kingdom of Tendonia has a massive budget deficit. How can it manage and reduce its debts? How can it eliminate its debts?


Education, Learning

23. What should you do to master a foreign language?

24. What should students in Gina’s school talk about in class? What should they avoid talking about?

25. While at university, Jim’s friends tell him that he ought to join their fraternity. The initiation involves chugalugging beer.


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