shops restaurants clubs

Shops, Restaurants, Clubs


Vocab: Shops, Stores, Eateries

store supermarket bakery/pastry shop
shop ice-cream stand convenience store
boutique corner store open market/market place
bar/pub shopping mall second hand store
restaurant department store fast food restaurant
pizzeria ice-cream parlor coffee house/bar/shop
food stall street food gourmet/fancy restaurant
cafe clothes shop vegetable market




A. Shops, Stores, Markets

1. Describe your favorite store or shop.

2. Which is cheaper, a convenience store or a department store? Why? Which do you prefer to shop?

3. Which is more expensive, the marketplace or a supermarket? Why? Where do tourists shop?

4. Teenagers love to hang out in shopping malls. True or false? If true, what do they do there?

5. Females love to shop in boutiques and clothes stores. Yes or no? If yes, what do they do there?

6. Do rich people shop in second-hand stores?

B. Eateries

7. Describe the items in your local bakery or pastry shop. Are they traditional, foreign, or both?

8. Which prepares or serves the best food, high-class restaurants, fast food joints, or food stalls?

9. I see many people with laptops, tablets, or smart phones in cafes and coffee houses. True or false? If true, what are they doing?

10. There are lots of fights in bars/pubs. Yes or no?

11. There are three flavors in ice-cream parlors: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Do you agree?

12. Do only pizzerias offer home delivery?


Clubs, Museums, Shelters

museum art gallery theater/opera house
hotel concert hall movie theater/cinema
hostel youth center military base/army barracks
orphanage radio/TV station gym/fitness club
hospital country club refugee/asylum center
prison internet cafe drug rehabilitation center
jail homeless shelter disco/night club


C. Clubs

13. Do/Did you like to go to a youth center? What do/did you do there?

14. All my friends met their girl/boyfriends in discos. True or false?

15. Describe the members of fitness clubs.

16. Who are members of the Country Club?

17. Internet cafes are becoming rarer. Yes or no?

18. Does your colleague often call the local radio and TV station?

D. Museums, Theaters, Galleries

19. Describe the displays at your city’s museums.

20. Movie theaters were more popular in my grandparents’ time. Yes or no?

21. Do you know anyone who has performed in your city’s concert hall or opera house?

22. Have your class’s artwork been displayed at an art gallery?

E. Hotels, Shelters

23. Who stay in hotels and who stay in hostels? Which do you prefer?

24. Homeless shelters, refugee/asylum centers, women’s shelters, orphanages are all overcrowded; more need to be build. Do you agree?

25. Has your friend ever spend time in jail or prison? If yes, why?

26. Drugs should be decriminalized (but not legalized). In other words, drug abusers should be sent to a drug rehab center — not prison.

27. Military bases should be converted to public housing or homeless shelters. Do you agree?


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