shadow theater one man

The One-Man

Shadow Theater



oh no no way honestly
remind grow up in your own time
cloak triumph changing clothes
put on leave (3) high-tech
scene come on behind the scene (2)
by far obvious kick off (2)
boo (2) welcome going on





Amanda Holden: Oh no! No way! Hahaha!
David Williams: David, welcome home!
Simon Cowell: Just remind us, how many years has this been going on.
David J Watson: Eight years. Two years I didn’t do it were 2009 and 2012.
Simon: They were good years.
David Williams: In your own time.
Host: Come on David.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Ayesha: He’s gone on high-tech now.
Ant and Dec: Here we go.
Ant and Dec: What’s he doing?
Ant and Dec: Why does he keep changing his jacket? Come on David!
Host: There’s got to be a big finish.
Ant and Dec: He’s putting on his jacket. Just leave it back on.
Host: Please, please, please . . . let this be the end.
Ant and Dec: Well done, another triumph.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

David Williams: David, was it just you behind the screen?
David Watson: I did the James Bond. And the cloak was from the Batman scene.
David Williams: Of course.
David Watson: Doing what we call “trainer’s cracker”.
David Williams: Of course.
Ayesha: This is your best work yet. By far.
Amanda: Simon.
Simon: I didn’t know what was going on at any time . . .
David Williams: Simon, he was cracker, he was Batman, he was James Bond — I mean, couldn’t it have been any more obvious?

I’m going to kick this off with a “Yes”!
Ant and Dec: Come on, just need three.
David Williams: Ayesha.
Ayesha: I’m saying “Yes”.
Host: Yes! Two!
Ant and Dec: Come on! Come on!
Simon Cowell: We’re friends now — but honestly, “No”.
Ant and Dec: Amanda. Come on.
Amanda Holden: David, I feel I’ve grown up with you on this show.
Ant and Dec: Come on Amanda, please.
Amanda Holden: I’ve watched you develop into the man you are now.
Ant and Dec: Come on Amada. It’s a “Yes”, it’s gotta be.
Host: Come on Amanda.
Amanda: It’s a “no”.
Host: What?
David Williams: BOO!
Simon: See you in 2018, David.
David Watson: Yeah.
Host: Oh I love you. Until 2018, David.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. David Williams (BGT judge): “Welcome home, David.” What did the judge mean? Why did he say, “Welcome home.”?

2. Has David appeared every year on Britain’s Got Talent?

3. Ayesha (BGT judge): “He’s gone on high-tech now.” What did she mean by that?

4. What did David Watson do? What was his performance?

5. Did the judges and audience think the act was funny?

6. All the judges voted “Yes” for David Watson’s performance. Is this right or wrong?

7. What did the audience and others think of David Watson?

A. Do people love, like, dislike or hate David Watson? What can you say about David?

B. Should the judges have voted “yes” or “no” to David Watson?

C. I know some people like David Watson. Yes or no?

D. My friends and I want to audition on a talent show like David Watson.

E. What will happen in the future?


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