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Anne Wizorek is digital media consultant and campaigner against everyday sexism faced by women.

She says sexism in the workplace is a common experience for women, and should be recognized as a serious problem.

Anne Wizorek, Digital Media Consultant: “Sexual harassment seldom happens in isolated incidences, especially in dependency situations, like an employer-boss relationship.

So women who experience harassment at work can potentially face it every single day.

And that’s very stressful: studies show that it can lead to depression in many women.”

A new report published by the government’s anti-discrimination agency confirms that sexual harassment in the workplace is a problem faced by many women in Germany.

Almost a fifth of the women interviewed for the study said they had experienced unwanted physical advances from colleagues.

Verbal harassment was even more common.

Nearly half the women questioned said they had been exposed to lewd comments or sexist jokes.

Christine Luders, German Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency: “Another concern is that personnel managers and works councils don’t even know how they can protect employees from this.”

The agency says those who face sexual harassment in the workplace are not aware of their rights.

It says more must be done to break the culture of silence surrounding sexism at work.


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1. According to Anne Wizorek, does sexual harassment rarely occur or is it a common occurrence?

2. Is this a serious problem? How do females feel about this?

3. Which is more common, physical or verbal harassment? What are some examples?

4. Do employers know exactly how to resolve cases of harassment?

5. Females always make formal complaint or take legal action. True or false?
A. Is sexual harassment a problem in your company, organization or society? Is it very serious problem, a major problem, somewhat of a problem, not a serious problem, it’s a minor problem, or it’s not a problem at all?

B. Do you think sexual harassment differs in different industries and countries?

C. Males and females see sexual harassment differently. Yes or no?

D. Have things changed over the years?

E. What will happen in the future?

F. What are some solutions to sexual harassment?


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