second conditional two

Second Conditional, 2

The second conditional expresses an unrealistic or imaginary condition and its probable result.

Form of the Second Conditional

If + noun + verb-2, subject + would + verb-1.
Subject + would + verb-1 if + noun + verb-2.

● If I won a million dollars in the lottery, I would/could pay off all my debts.
● If I were you, I would study information technology.
● Many people would live here if there were enough water.

Yes-No Questions

If + noun + verb-2, would + subject + verb-1?

● Would you marry a Hollywood Star if you had the chance?
● If Daniel were president, would he really improve things?
● If women controlled all governments, would there be less conflicts?

Answer or respond to the following. Say why and give examples


13. What would happen if you could read other people’s minds? What would happen if you were telepathic, had extra sensory perception (ESP), clairvoyance, and other psychic powers? If I could read other people’s minds . . . .

14. If your best friend could be born again, what family and circumstances would he or she choose?

15. What would your coworker or classmate do if he or she could be either a male or female? Which sex would he or she choose?

16. If I were the most beautiful woman or handsomest man in the world, . . . . . Would this be good, bad, both, in-between?

17. What would happen if you could completely hypnotize or control other people? What about your friends or colleagues.

More People

18. If I could meet, talk to, or befriend anyone (even from the past), I would . . . .

19. What would happen if your friend could marry anyone?

20. If everyone in the world spoke the same language, and had the same culture, religion, beliefs, values and ideals would this be good, bad, both or in-between?

21. What would happen if everyone could change their appearances? What would happen if everyone could look anyway they wanted? What would society look like? Would this be good, bad, both or neither?

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