second conditional three

Second Conditional, 3


The second conditional expresses an unrealistic or imaginary condition and its probable result.

Form of the Second Conditional

If + noun + verb-2, subject + would + verb-1.
Subject + would + verb-1 if + noun + verb-2.


History, Time

22. If my colleague had a time machine (If my colleague could travel through time), she/he would

23. If I could witness or relive any events in history, I would

24. If my friend could change history, she/he would _______ .

25. What would happen if your parents tell you that they had adopted you; they are not your biological parents?

26. What if you received a call from a total stranger who said he / she was your long lost brother/sister/mother/father?

Country, Geography

27. What would happen if huge deposits of petroleum were discovered in your country, assuming that your country doesn’t possess them?

28. What if the world ran out of oil, gas, coal?

29. A UFO has landed in your back yard and they invited you into their spaceship. Would you accept the invitation?

30. All borders of the world have been removed; everyone can travel, move and live and work anywhere. Where would people live if they could live anywhere they wanted? Where would you live?

Science and Technology

31. What would happen if meteorologists and climatologists found a way to control the climate and weather?

32. People can be any biological age they wanted for 120 years! What would happen?


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