second conditional 4

Second Conditional, 4


Super Abilities, Super Powers

33. You could drink a potion and become a superhero with super-strength and incredible speed, and agility.

34. If your cousin could change into any animal—temporarily—what would she/he do?

35. If my friend had telescopic vision, and super hearing ability,

36. What would you do if you could learn any four languages quickly, easily, and effortlessly?

Politics, Geopolitics

37. If I were the prime minister or president I would ___________ .

38. My best friend would _________ if he/she were a dictator or autocrat.

39. What would happen if there were a One World Government?

40. What would happen if the stock market collapsed?

Science and Technology

41. Scientists are making much progress in genetics. If genetic engineering became available and widespread, what would happen? Why? What would happen if scientists perfected a method of genetically designing babies for any characteristics and traits?

42. What would happen if scientists could recreate dinosaurs, mammoths, and giant sharks, turtles, birds, and insects?

43. Chemists discovered a way to cheaply synthesize gold, silver and diamonds! What would happen?

44. What would happen if scientists discovered earth’s “twin”, and could reach it in 10 years by a super rocket?


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