save the planet 2

Saving the Planet, 2




beef compare drastically
pork carpool rise/rose/risen
global level (3) cut/cut/cut
pre- practical measure (2)
cod distance pick up (3)
soya cut out (2) take/took/taken
CO2 stuff (2) jumper (2)
steak couple (2) eat/ate/eaten
sure consider right there
decide concern cut down (2)
afford save (4) big/bigger/biggest
willing probably thermostat
as it is emission happy/happier/happiest
local switch (2) drive/drove/drivenn
reach thing (2) public transport
lane pretty (2) do-does/did/done
put on install (2) downsize (2)
pop in chilly (2) come on (2)
Celsius share (3) know/knew/known
reduce colleague comfortable (2)
car-share feel/felt/felt


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Journalist: Would you cut out beef?
Mother with Daughter: No.

Scientists say we need to keep the global rise in temperature below 1.5 degrees Celsius (compared to pre-industrial levels).

What practical measures would you be willing to take?

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

01. Cut out Beef

Switching to pork, cod, chicken or soya beans drastically reduces CO2 emissions.

Man in Blue Hoodie: I do like steak.

Tall Woman: I mean I have cut it back to once every couple of weeks.

Man with Beard: Well, I had a bad burger once, and I decided to stop eating beef right there

Woman with Necklace: I’m not too sure about that. No.

Journalist: Would you consider cutting down?
Man in Blue Hoodie: Yeah, I would cut down.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

02. Move to a Smaller Home

Downsize and make energy savings of 8% to 27%.

Journalist: Would you move to a smaller home?
Man with Dreadlocks: Yeah. Yeah.
Man with Dark Blue Jacket and Stubble: If I lived in a bigger house which I can afford — I’d probably stay there.
Tall Woman: How small?
Man with Blue Hoodie: My house is pretty small as it is.
Mother with Daughter: Why not?
Woman with Red Jacket: I don’t if my number one concern would be climate change.
Tall Woman: I’d be actually much happier

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

03. Don’t Drive Short Distances

Walking or cycling would reduce transport emissions by 62%.

Journalist: If you were to just pop in to the local shop, would you walk or would you drive?
Woman in Red Jacket: I always walk.
Man with Dark Blue Jacket and Stubble: I don’t have a car.
Mother with Daughter: It is a problem for me to reach my work with public transport.
Man with Glasses and Hat: We don’t drive that much; it’s just to get to work and things.
Man with Blue Hoodie: I don’t drive.

Journalist: So, would you be willing to cut down on your driving?
Tall Woman: I already have done.
Man with Dreadlocks: I don’t drive anyway. I’m always on the central lane.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

04. Cut Down on Heating

Save 21 to 26% on energy by installing intelligent thremostats

Man with Dark Blue Jacket and Stubble: I hate being cold.
Man with Blue Hoodie: Just put on jumpers and stuff.
Man with Hat and Glasses: Not until November, December is when I let the heating come on really.

Woman in Red Jacket: Wearing another jumper is a good idea. It’s only occasionally, only in the evenings when it gets chilly.

Mother with Daughter: I like it quite warm, so it’s difficult for me.
Man with Dreadlocks: I don’t know. There have been times when there’s no heating in my house anyway. I’ve been through that.
Man with Beard: I don’t know. That might be more difficult.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

05. Share your Car

Carpooling Reduces Emissions 13 to 18%

Woman in Red Jacket: Yeah, car-share is really good.
Man in Dark Blue Jacket and with Stubble: If it’s a colleague, absolutely; car-share is really good. If it’s someone I don’t know — maybe.
Mother with Daughter: Why not?
Tall Woman: It’s just something I would not feel comfortable, being a woman by myself, and then picking up somebody I didn’t know. No, I wouldn’t feel comfortable. If I knew them, absolutely.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Fossil Fuel, Oil, Coal, Gas. Only governments, utility companies and big corporations can affect and influence climate change. True or false?

Power Plant. Should every eat out at McDonald’s and Burger King?

Meat, Beef, Pork. Were all the people interviewed vegetarians?

Air Conditioning, Heater. Does everyone want to live in a big house?

Pollution, Litter, Toxins. Having a car is a necessity in the UK. Is this right or wrong? Is there a car culture in London?

Car, Automobile, Truck. Does everyone like English weather, especially winter? What have they said about residential heating?

Public Transport, Bus, Tramway. What can you say about social relationships in Britain?
Subway, Railway, Rail-line. How is the climate where you like? Describe the climate of your town, city or region. Has it been changing over the years?

Bicycling, Cycling, Bike Lane. Are people concerned about global warming or climate change? Is there much debate, discussion and argument about climate change?

Vegetarian. Have people changed their lifestyles, i.e. drive less, walk, bike and take public transport more often; eat less meat?

Wind Turbine, Solar Panel. Do people, governments and businesses care more about the environment or having a good life, a high living standard?

Reforestation. What might happen in the future?

Plastic, Paper, Glass. What should people, business and governments do?

Recycle, Reuse. Has covid-19 been good, bad, both or neither for the environment?

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