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Clive talks about his evenings and weekends


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logo thing ad (advertisement)
tram action head for
order massive leave/left/left
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beef pork change (2)
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It’s Friday! I’m glad to finish work at my bank (I create logos and ads with computer graphics).

I get on a tram and head for home . . . but the bad thing about Friday afternoons is the massive traffic. Everyone else is leaving work at the same time.

At Home

When I get home, I change clothes. Then I sit and relax on my armchair.

I turn on the TV, and watch a comedy. I drink a cup of hot tea.

Later I order a home-delivery pizza and eat it as I watch an action-adventure movie.


On Saturdays, my girlfriend Sherry and I frequently go to a shopping mall or department store and shop around.

For lunch or dinner, we might dine at an Italian, Indian, Chinese or other ethnic restaurant.


And about three times a month, we go to a music concert, art exhibition, or circus.

The Usual

On Sunday mornings, I often go for a walk with Sherry in a park.

Then we usually ride our bicycles around town in the afternoon.


In the evening I cook and have supper; tonight it’s beef stew.

After dinner, I read a book or paint a picture. I like to paint nature scenes.

Then I go to bed at about 10:00 pm.

I don’t look forward to Monday morning.

*     *     *     *     *     *


1. In his bank, the writer works as a loan officer. True or false?

2. Is traffic very heavy on Friday afternoon? Why is there lots of traffic on Friday afternoon?

3. What does the writer do on Friday evenings?

4. On Saturdays, he works. Is this right or wrong? What does he do on Saturdays?

5. Is he alone with no friends?

6. His favorite foods are hamburgers and hotdogs. Is this correct or incorrect, perhaps or maybe?

7. What are his hobbies? His hobbies are . . . .
A. What’s your favorite day of the week? What do you do then? What’s your least favorite day? My least favorite day is . . . .

B. What do you normally do in the afternoons and evenings?

C. Do you attend concerts or other live performances or sporting events?

D. What kind of restaurants or other places do you visit?

E. What are your hobbies?

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