Santa Village, one




snow fir tree evergreen tree
pine souvenir slide/slid/slid
ice fireplace coniferous
cone stairs read/read/read
beard steps write/wrote/written
stage elf/elves speak/spoke/spoken
town village performance
mail pointed cold/colder/coldest
arctic tube arctic circle
cabin reindeer inflatable tube
wish letter (2) buy/bought/bought
stamp envelope sell/sold/sold
lodge cashier post office






*     *     *     *     *     *     *



100. The Santa Village is in Honolulu, Hawaii. True or false? Where is this place? Describe its climate.

200. Was the snowman small, medium-sized or large? How many sections did it have?

300. Were children swimming? Were they playing football? What were they doing?

400. Did you see any animals?

500. Are there any shops there? What were they selling in the shops? What were in the shop? There were . . . What were the sales clerks wearing? They were wearing . . .

600. What does Santa do at his village?

700. Describe the Santa Village. Were there many decorations? Was the architecture new and modern, or traditional?
800. I have been to Santa’s home in Lapland. Yes or no?

900. Is there a Santa’s town or village in your country?

1,000. Would you like to visit Santa’s village?

2,000. Is Santa’s village good for business? Give examples.

3,000. What will happen in the future?

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