Santa Village, two




Arctic souvenir Arctic Circle
cottage exhibition have a photo
snow fir tree evergreen tree
pine souvenir slide/slid/slid
ice fireplace coniferous
cone stairs read/read/read
beard steps write/wrote/written
stage elf/elves speak/spoke/spoken
town village performance
mail pointed cold/colder/coldest
arctic tube arctic circle
cabin reindeer inflatable tube
wish letter (2) buy/bought/bought
stamp envelope sell/sold/sold
lodge cashier post office







Santa Claus Holiday Village, Rovaniemi, Finland. Napapiiri, Arctic Circle. Christmas House. Souvenir Shop. Restaurant, Cafeteria. Christmas Exhibition. Christmas Drawings. Meeting Santa in Christmas House. Meet and have a photo with Santa. Restaurant.

Santa Claus Holiday Village Reception. Holiday Village Cottages. All apartments have saunas. Northern Lights — Aurora Borealis.

Holiday Activities. Santa visiting a family in Santa Claus Holiday Village. Meet Santa in your cottage.

Santa Claus: “Welcome to Santa Clause Holiday Village!”



*        *        *       *        *       *        *



The Santa Claus Holiday Village is in Anchorage, Alaska, US. True or false? What season is this? Describe the landscape.

Finland. Are the signs only in Finnish? Why are they in English? What do the signs say?

The village houses are made of bricks. Is this right or wrong? Why are they made of wood?

What are in the Souvenir Shop? Are they traditional folk crafts, modern objects or both?

Did you see Santa in the video? What did Santa do?

Guests stay in big hotels. Is this correct or incorrect? Describe the cottages. What do they all have? Where do people eat? What do they have (eat)?

What are some of the activities there? What can visitors do?

Do you think this video was a documentary, an advertisement (promotion), or both?
I have been to Santa’s home in Lapland. Yes or no?

Is there a Santa Village in your country?

Would you like to visit Santa’s village? Is it a good place for families with children?

Faeroe Islands.
Is Santa’s village good business? Who or what benefits (makes money)?

Are there similar theme parks or cultural attractions in your country?

Orkney Islands.
What might happen in the future?

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