Russian Stonehenge

The Arkeim Megaliths




span stagger staggering (2)
shape original square kilometer
diverse interior large/larger/largest
terrain area (3) freeze/froze/frozen
dense witness archaeology
tundra explore uninhabited
size expand mean (3)
harsh climate time zone
planet circular mysterious
ancient remains settlement
site scientist date back to
exist megalith structure
map map out square (3)
barren massive Stonehenge
grid describe intriguing
similar latitude incredible
survey purpose put/put/put
publish suggest observatory
seems point (3) fascinating
vortex ancestor worldwide
remote compare long-held
consist incident build/built/built
depict principle surrounded
align feature miniature
event measure find/found/found
ruins solstice appear (2)
statue magnet look up to (2)
add (2) anomaly inconsistent
fog curious formation
weird consider hallucination
node equinox extraterrestrials
node type (2) construct
utilize territory launch off
rocket platform spacecraft






Russia. Spanning a staggering 6.6 million square miles (17.1 million square kilometers), it is the largest country on Earth. Its massive territory is also the most geographically diverse, consisting of some of the most extreme terrain on the planet — including dense forests, frozen tundra, remote mountains, and barren deserts.

Despite its physical size, as much as 50% of Russia remains uninhabited and largely unexplored by mankind.

Yuri Karash, Russian Space Policy Expert: “Russia is almost twice the size of the United States. Just to compare, the United States expands over four time zones, while Russia expands over 11 time zones.

The size of Russia, its harsh climate, especially in the northern parts of Russia, makes it very difficult to explore.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

One of Russia’s most mysterious areas is a valley just north of Kazakhstan, where in 1987 archaeologists from the University of Chelyabinsk discovered the remains of an ancient settlement, which they were able to date back to between the 17th and 20th centuries BC.

Much of the original structures of this megalithic site known as Arkaim no longer exist. But scientists have mapped out its original design, which includes massive circular walls similar to Stonehenge.

Hugh Newman, Author, Earth Grids: “So Arkaim has been described as Russia’s Stonehenge. Now, this is quite intriguing because it’s at very similar latitude to Stonehenge. So it’s been suggested that it could have been put there for astronomical and surveying purposes.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine: “It seems that Arkaim at some point was some type of observatory, which I think is incredibly fascinating. Because it means that worldwide, our ancestors witnessed other things that would explain this long-held fascination with the stars.”

Paul Stonehill, Author, Russia’s Roswell Incident: “The way the city was built, it was a circular structure. It had a very interesting central square. Basically, it was an interior circle surrounded by a circle, which to many means the mandala principle of Buddhism, or a depiction of the universe in a very miniaturized way.”

Incredibly, archaeologists have found that Arkaim was built with features aligned to measure as many as 18 astronomical events, such as the solstices and equinoxes.

And discovered among the ruins was an ancient statue of a man looking up to the sky.

Adding to the mystery are reports of strange anomalies in the region that continue to this day, which include magnetic inconsistencies, strange lights, and curious fog formations.

David Wilcock, Author, The Synchronicity Key: “When you consider the strange lights, the weird fog, the magnetic anomalies, the unusual hallucinations and things that have happened to people there, it appears that this is some sort of energy node or vortex point on the Earth, that was actually utilized by extraterrestrials when this was constructed.

If you actually look at the shape of Arkaim, it could have been the platform for a spacecraft like a rocket to launch off from.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Stonehenge. Is Russia a small, medium-sized, large or very large country? Which country is bigger, Russia or Canada?

Pyramid. Within its borders, does Russia have the same climate and geography? Does Russia have one-type of climate and geography?

Machu Picchu. Is Arkaim a large city near Finland?

Megalith. What did they say about Arkaim and Stonehenge?

Easter Island. Does Arkaim consist of many square-shaped houses? Is Arkaim circular, triangular or square-shaped?

Bermuda Triangle. The builders of Arkaim were mostly interested in sociology, psychology and politics. Is this right or wrong?

Bigfoot, Yeti. Is the land surrounding Arkaim completely normal?

UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). Have archeologists found gold and silver at Arkaim?
Nasca Lines. What do you think of Arkaim? Who built it? Why did they build the site? How did they construct the complex?

Crop Circles. Are there ancient or mysterious structures in your region or country?

ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). Are these ancient and mysterious structures messages to people? Could they help people solve problems or advance in knowledge and civilization?

Telepathy. What might happen in the future?

Soothsaying. What should people and governments do?

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