Russian refugees Finland

Refugees from Russia, 1




proud journey fly/flew/flown
steady show (2) make/made/made
roll (2) close in stream (2)
expect sign (3) be in touch
bit (3) symbol pick up (3)
panic get out panic attack
sure go back say/said/said
bound reserve leave/left/left
barely reserve legislation
seat support unknown
full deal with accommodate
clinch spike (2) passenger
route feasible get/got/got-gotten
due to available worry/worried
risk activist good/better/best
anti- similar authorities
stifle terminal demonstrate
jail certain go/went/gone
detain grateful carry/carries
swift refugee comfortable
dock charter know/knew/known
drop head (3) volunteer
pocket advance out of pocket
touch against read/read/read
ferry block (3) pay/paid/paid
stay certain official (2)
fill protest out of pocket
negotiate demand (2)






Helsinki’s central train station proudly flying the colors of Ukraine. Just inside, train after train rolls in; two a day. A steady stream of Russian nationals making the journey from St Petersburg.

This young student shows me what was closing in on her back home: small signs of protest up against symbols of support for Russian troops advancing on Ukrainian cities.

“I was having panic attacks,” she says. “I had to get out. Many of my friends are leaving too.”

She’s unsure when or even if she’ll go back to Russia.

For the past week, Helsinki bound trains reserved for Russian and Finnish nationals have had barely a seat available.

Viktoria Hurri, VR Rail Director of Finnish-Russian Passenger Services: “The trains are full, both trains. So it’s about like 700 people, little bit less per day.”

A few blocks away, the bus terminal is dealing with a similar spike in Russian passengers. Dimitri is on the only feasible route from Russia to France.

Dimitri: “I was starting to get a little bit worried due to the legislations, and I thought that it’s better not to risk.”

The risk also too high for political activist Elena Shandera, This anti-war protest in Saint Petersburg stifled by authorities was what clinched it for her with demonstrators jailed for days.

“I can never go back,” she says, certain she’d be swiftly detained.

It’s not only Russians arriving. Each ferry docking in Finland from Estonia carries more and more Ukrainian refugees.

A days-long, 1,400 kilometer journey into the unknown. This bus was chartered by volunteers who paid 10,000 euros out of pocket to drive to the Ukraine border and pick up refugees.

Natalia Aterlei, Ukrainian Refugee: “During all the journey we read news and be in touch with our families.  For us it’s very comfortable, not like there.”

She’s grateful, but doesn’t want to stay in Finland — all she wants is to return home.

And so each day in a new world filled with uncertainty, railway officials here don’t expect much of a drop in the number of passengers heading to Finland from the east. They’re negotiating for more trains to accommodate the demand.

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Skateboard, Roller Skates, Roller Blades. The color of Finland’s flag is yellow and blue. True or false?

Bicycle, Bike. Are Syrian and Afghan refugees arriving in Helsinki?

Moped, Scooter. Is there a trickle or flood of Russians coming to Finland?

Motorcycle. The Russians are tourists visiting attractions in Helsinki and shopping for clothes and souvenirs. Is this right or wrong?

Car, Automobile. Is there freedom of speech, press and assembly in Russia?

Truck, Van.
The Russians and Ukrainians dream of settling and living in Finland. Is this correct or incorrect?

Cit Bus, Intercity Bus. Has the crest or peak in arrivals been reached?
Tram, Trolley. Are there refugees in your town, city and country? Who are they? Where are they from? Why are they here?

Subway, Train. Is there complete freedom of speech, press and assembly in your country? Why isn’t there freedom of speech, press and assembly in certain countries?

Airplane. Have people from your country fled to other places? When did this happen? Why did this take place?

Helicopter. What might happen in the future?

Passenger Airplane, Commercial Airplane. Are refugees welcome or is there resentment and hostility towards them?

Rocket, Spaceship. What is the solution to the situation?

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