royal skilled yucky

Official, Bitter, Skilled

Solid, Total, Wooden, Yucky



royal official loyal
unofficial bitter historic
solid oval total
artistic amateur flat
massive yucky energetic
hilly mountainous wooden
skilled indirect electric/electrical


Royal, official, loyal, unofficial, bitter

1. There are royal families in my country. Yes or no? Are or were there royal families where you live? Is there a monarchy?

2. Officials always know what is best. Do you agree?

3. Do people in your company often travel on official business?

4. You must always be loyal to your country. True or false? Should people be loyal to the government?

5. What are the official and unofficial unemployment rates? What are the official and unofficial GDPs (gross domestic product)?

6. Do your friends feel bitter about the past?

Historic, solid, oval, total, artistic

7. What are some historic buildings in your city or country?

8. How would you describe rugby football players? Are there any sculptures made of solid gold?

9. How would you describe a watermelon or a rugby football? Is it round or oval?

10. Is the total cost of groceries and bills higher or lower than you expected, or is it what you expected?

11. Are you or your classmates or coworkers very artistic? If I were very artistic, I would…….

Amateur, flat, energetic, electrical, hilly, mountainous

12. My friends and I belong to an amateur singing or dancing club. Yes or no?

13. Do you prefer to live in flat, hilly, or mountainous terrain (landscape, land)? I like to visit and hike in mountainous regions. Is this correct or wrong?

14. Do you always, usually, sometimes, seldom, or never feel energetic, motivated, and enthusiastic about your work? Who feels energetic, motivated, and enthusiastic about their job?

15. I hate when the electricity goes out. True or false? What are the sources of electrical power?

Massive, yucky, wooden, skilled, indirect

16. Massive amounts of tourists visit my country. True or false? Would you like massive numbers of tourists to come? Would you like massive amounts of customers?

17. Which foods are yucky? ….. is yucky. Which foods does your friend considers yucky?

18. Which is more common in your city, wooden, concrete, or brick homes? My dream home would be made of…..

19. Is there a shortage or glut (excess) of skilled workers in your city and country? If there’s a shortage, how can you train more skilled and qualified workers?

20. When you travel, you do prefer taking a more mundane, direct route, or a more scenic, indirect route?

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