Roller Skating



guys perform take it away
roll proud roller skate
safe elegant hooked (2)
stage look up to give it our all
skate hopefully put on a show








David: Hello.
Billy: Hello.
David: What are your names?
Billy: My name is Billy. And this is my sister Emily.
David: Oh . . . So how long have you known each other?
David: So Billy and Emily, how old are you guys?
Billy: I’m 28 and she’s 25.
David: Take it away: the stage is yours.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Billy: My name’s Billy.
Emily: I’m Emily. We’re from Birmingham.
Billy: We’re brother and sister, and we’re roller skaters. We started roller skating when we were little kids.
Emily: I was five and my brother was eight. Our mother saw on TV some roller skaters. And she thought, “Oh that elegant and safe — something nice that we can do together. So she bought us roller skates . . . and from that moment on, we were hooked.
Billy: I love skating with my sister: I will not skate with anyone else.
Emily: He’s my big brother, and I’ve always looked up to him — I perform with my best friend.

Today we want to make our parents proud.

And we’re going to give it our all.

Billy: We’re going to try to put on a great show, and hopefully the judges and audience will love it.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Alesha: That was SO dangerous! I was so worried for you heads. You’re fearless. You put a fresh spin on roller skating. I thought it was fantastic!
Amanda: It was dangerous and fresh. So I congratulate you for being so exciting to roller skating and Britain’s Got Talent.
Simon: I’ve seen a lot of roller skating acts on this show; normally they are horrific, cause what can you do on a stage with roller skates?

I’ve actually never seen an act like that in my life.

I mean it’s incredible. Really incredible.

David: I’m going to kick this off with a big, fat “YES”!
Amanda: Very, very easy “yes”. Well done.
Alesha: Massive “Yes” for me.
Simon: It’s a big, fat “yes”!

Emily: It was a dream come true.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Roller Skates, Roller Blades. Billy and Emily are only performance partners. True or false?

Skate Board. Did they start roller skating as teenagers? How old were they when they started roller skating? How did they get started?

Bicycle. Billy and Emily did a singing and dance performance. Is this right or wrong?

Moped, Scooter. Were the judges and audience bored, thrilled or scared? What did the side-stage host say?

Motorcycle. The female judges (Amanda and Ayesha) said their act was super. Is this correct or incorrect?

Car, Automobile. Was this the first roller skating act on Britain’s Got Talent?

Van. Did the judges and audience like Emily and Billy’s performance? How did the judges vote? Did they accept or reject Billy and Emily?
Truck. I was surprised, amazed and awed by Emily and Billy’s performance. Yes or no? Did you like their performance?

Bus. Can you and your friends roller skate, roller blade or ride a skate board?

Trolley. Is roller skating popular? What about roller bladding and skate boarding?

Subway, Metro. Would you or your friends like to enter a talent show?

Train. Are talents shows and competitions very popular?

Airplane. What will happen to Billy and Emily? What will happen to talent shows in general?




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