Roller Skating, two



guy champion welcome back
palace dream (2) come on (2)
honest ever since say/said/said
beard surprise win/won/won
ready trick (2) wear/wore/worn
hand chance see/saw/seen
bunch stage (2) oh my gosh
bam over (2) lose/lost/lost (2)
act (2) headline think/thought/thought
gosh point (3) far/further/farther
outfit gracefully easy-peasy
vote brilliant over and over
across fan (2) absolutely






Judge Heidi: “So welcome back to the CHAMPIONS!”

Billy England: “Ever since we were kids, our mom had a dream for us to get to Vegas, and now we headline a show, Absent, at Caesar’s Palace.”

Judge Mel B: “That’s a great show.”
Billy England: “Yeah, and it was all thanks to America’s Got Talent, and the American people, so we can’t thank you guys enough.”
Judge Simon: “I’m going to be honest with you: so many people have said to me how surprised they were that you didn’t win. So many people.”
Emily England: “Thank you Simon.
Judge Simon: “And maybe this time you do have a chance to win it.”
Emily England: “That would be the dream. That’s the dream.”
Judge Heidi: “Well are you guys ready? Well are YOU guys ready?

She wears the best outfits.”

Judge Howie: “Oh my gosh!”
Judge Heidi: “Look at that.”
Judge Howie: “No hands.”

Judge Heidi: “The beard again.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Judge Heidi: “I saw that: you had a bunch of hair in your hands. Oh my gosh; you’ve just lost half of that beard again.

I mean I can watch you two over and over and over again. It’s soooo good. What did you think, Simon?”

Judge Simon: “Every time this act comes on, it goes a stage further. It’s terrifying. I think these guys define the word “Champions”.
Judge Heidi: “Mel, what did you think?”

Judge Mel B: “I mean you just went bam — bam — bam. Trick after trick after trick. And you do it so gracefully, like uh, easy-peasy until the next one.

I absolutely loved it. I think you’re brilliant.”

Judge Heidi: “Howie, what did you think?”

Judge Howie: “Everything you guys have said and more. The point is that the super fans from all across America, when they are voting, only one more can go through. They have to realize how dangerous this is, how amazing it is. And as Simon said and we can’t say enough, you are a champion.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. This was the first time Billy and Emily were performing in America’s Got Talent. True or false?

2. Have they been performing in other shows?

3. Did Billy and Emily win the 2017 America’s Got Talent competition?

4. What did they do? What was their performance?

5. Was their act safe or dangerous? Was it easy or extremely difficult?

6. The audience love their performance. Is this right or wrong?

7. Do the judges think they should be the winners?


A. Do you think Billy and Emily have the best performance?

B. My friends and I have roller skates and we can roller skate. Yes or no?

C. Is roller skating popular in your city?

D. My friends and I would like to enter a talent show.

E. What will happen in the future?

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