Roller Coaster Ride

Griffon, Busch Gardens




seat ticket amusement park
track scream ride/rode/ridden
rail scared theme park
gate gravity potential energy
wait harness kinetic energy
yell hold on fall/fell/fallen
steep hang on hold/held/held
thrill terrified high/higher/highest
drop energy amusement
loop safety excitement
turn height adrenaline
slope speed adrenaline rush
finish force (3) begin/began/begun
steel inversion adventure
dizzy power (3) fast/faster/fastest
guard handle handle bar





*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Roller Coaster. The video took place in a high-school classroom. True or false? Where did this video take place?

Merry-go-Round. Was the vlogger filming from the ground, in the roller coaster seat or both?

Ferris Wheel. In the beginning part of the ride, did they go very fast? What happens at the start of the ride?

Tower Drop. There is only one ride and one building in the amusement park. Is this right or wrong?

Swings. Did the roller coaster car move fast or slow? Did it go in a straight line? Does the tract go in a straight line?

Bumper Car. The riders felt very bored. The ride was very boring. Is this right or wrong? How did the riders feel? How did the react?

Entrance. Only one roller-coaster car goes through the track. Is this correct or incorrect? Did the ride last 15 minutes?
Ticket Booth. I have been to an amusement park. I have ridden on a roller-coaster. Yes or no?

Popcorn. Are there (many) amusement parks, theme parks and rides in your city, region and country?

Balloons. Everyone loves to visit amusement parks and go on the rides.

Canal Boat Ride. What might happen in the future?

Haunted House.
Would you like to visit many different theme parks and ride on many different rides?

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