rock-n-roll dance

The Rock-n-Roll Dance








1. The dancers were rehearsing and practicing at their dance academy. True or false?

2. Did the background music come from a stereo system or was it a live band? What instruments did the musicians play?

3. Did the dancers and musicians wear costumes? Did they wear the same or different outfits? What did they wear?

4. Was the music tempo and dancing slow, medium-speed or fast?

5. Was this a modern-style dance? Is it a style from the 2000s?

6. There were acrobatic moves. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. At the end, what did they audience think? How did they feel?


A. I have seen Rock-n-Roll dances. Yes or no? Have you hear Rock-n-Roll music?

B. Did your parents or grandparents or great-grandparents listen to Rock and dance to Rock-n-Roll?

C. What kind of dance and music is popular among you and your friends?

D. Have you attended a variety show, with different types of dance and music?

E. Could Rock-n-Roll make a comeback in the future? What might happen in the future?


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