rich girls

Rich Girls




abroad doctrine beyond imagination
public newfound get their way
jewel homeland generation
jet set majority spoil/spoilt/spoilt
worth wave (3) in my opinion
live off sweep up shopping spree
yacht glimpse communism
rare infamous tie down (2)
chase fabulous nine-to-five job
ultra high (2) don’t matter
brat blessed don’t care
afford privilege to be honest
luxury episode penthouse
fresh consider mid-range
wise embrace money-wise
suit (2) peasants around (2)
haven bourgeois swear/sworn/sworn (2)
pair humble surrounded
bored property take care of
nanny Mandarin have their own
frugal faux pas capitalism
closet massive way behind
gain imagine accustomed
air private launch (2)
ivory boutique ivory tower
tower hang out bubble (2)
apart affluence sets them apart


Video (first 7 minutes)




They’re rich beyond imagination, and accustomed to getting their way. Living off the newfound wealth of their parents. China’s second generation have left their homeland way behind to enjoy the lifestyle of the jet set rich.

“The majority are still enjoying life here and . . . they are a bit spoilt, in my opinion.”

Spoiled or not, young Chinese with means on a global shopping spree — sweeping up properties worth millions of dollars, along with jewels, luxury clothes and million-dollar yachts.

I’m Steve Chao. On this episode of 101 East, we’re in Vancouver, getting a rare glimpse into the lifestyle of China’s rich and infamous.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. The report takes place in Shanghai, China. True or false? Where does this video take place?

2. Pam, Diana and Chelsea spend most of their time working. Is this right or wrong? What do the often do?

3. Are they very frugal (careful with money)? What do they like to buy?

4. In the boutique, do they shop with other customers or do they shop only by themselves? Why are they shopping by themselves?

5. Has China always been a modern, developed country? Were the girls’ grandparents rich or poor?

6. Pam’s live has changed dramatically since she was born. Is this correct or incorrect? What were some of the changes in her life?

7. Does Pam have a lot of clothes in her closet? Why does she have lots of clothes?

8. Why are many rich Chinese leaving their home country? Why do many Chinese emigrate?

9. They must know English to survive in Vancouver. Yes or no?

10. Do they make friends with anybody?


A. I know some people who are like Pam, Diana and Chelsea. True or false? Do you see girls like them on the street?

B. What do rich people in your city or country do? What do they like to do?

C. How do poor and working-class people feel about rich people? What do middle-class people think about rich people?

D. I want to be rich like Pam, Chelsea and Diana. Yes or no? How can poor or working class people become more successful?

E. What will happen in the future?


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