Reunited, one




last (3) heart (3) heaven (2)
aware record (3) just a moment
real actually know/knew/known
birth certificate birth certificate
finger pretty (2) end of the line (2)
sure decade believe (2)
wait wonder for a while
kid (2) make sure give up (2)
sake adopt (3) give/gave/given
gosh look for for heaven’s sake
gotta heel (2) oh my gosh
height race (2) oh my goodness
line (3) thing (2) see/saw/seen
turn around






Teresa, Biological Daughter: ‘My heart is racing’ . . . “Hi Chris. How are you? I was wondering if I could talk to you for just a moment.

I didn’t know if you are aware but they just opened adoption records in Ohio. Um I actually just opened my birth certificate yesterday. And the birth-mother on my on my birth records was Christine Lewis.

And I’m pretty sure that I’m the person that you’ve been looking for, for a while.”

On the other end of the line is Teresa’s birth mother, Chris Shirley — she had been waiting for this phone call for decades.

Chris Shirley, Biological Mother: “You’re kidding me?”
Teresa, Biological Daughter: “I’m not kidding.”
Chris Shirley, Biological Mother: “Cathy, this could be my daughter.”
Teresa, Biological Daughter: “Yeah.”
Chris Shirley, Biological Mother: “Could be my daughter. Oh my god, I can’t believe this.” ‘That’s my daughter, my daughter.’
“Well, I just want you to know that I didn’t ever want to give you up.”
Teresa, Biological Daughter: “I just wanted to make sure it was okay that I called you.”
Chris Shirley, Biological Mother: Oh for heaven’s sake, I’ve been looking for you for years.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Teresa, Adopted Daughter: “Okay this is her street. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.

Chris Shirley, Biological Mother: “Have to go. I’m sorry, I gotta go.”

Chris Shirley, Biological Mother: “Hello, my gosh you’re real! How are you? How are you? Oh my gosh!”

“Well, look at you. Look at your face, oh my goodness.”
Teresa, Biological Daughter: “Let’s see if I’m the same height as you. I kind of am, huh?
Chris Shirley, Biological Mother: Let’s see. Turn around. I have to wear heels. I have to see your fingers the last thing I saw of you.”
Teresa, Biological Daughter: “Oh my fingers.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Wife, Husband. In the beginning of the video, Teresa and Christine were texting each other on their devices. True or false?

Mother, Father. Have they known each other for a long time? Are they close friends?

Daughter, Son. Did Teresa find Christine on the internet (google, Facebook, Instagram)?

Brother, Sister. Did Christine feel normal or was she shocked and surprised?

Aunt, Uncle. Christine then said, “I don’t know who you are. Don’t come here. Don’t contact me anymore.” Is this right or wrong?

First Cousin, Second Cousin. Teresa and Christine met at a cafe in a city center. Is this correct or incorrect?

Niece, Nephew.
Did they shake hands? Did they compare their hands?

Grandmother, Grandfather. How did they feel?
Grandchild, Grandchildren. I know some people who have been adopted. Yes or no?

Brother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law. Have your friends met a long-lost family member or relative?

Mother-in-Law, Father-in-Law. Have you heard of DNA testing? Have you or your friends had your DNA tested?

Step-Mother, Step-Father. What would happen if a stranger contacted you, saying he or she is your long-lost relative?

Step-Sister, Step-Brother. What might happen in the future?

Half-Brother, Half-Sister. What could or should people do?

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