restaurants three

Restaurants, part three


Other types of table-service restaurants include ethnic and gourmet restaurants. Ethnic restaurants serve the food of a certain country, such as China, India, Italy, or Mexico, or foods associated with certain peoples, for instance vegetarian restaurants.

Gourmet restaurants offer unusual foods from the little-known recipes of great chefs. Most of these dishes cost much more than the majority of foods at other kinds of restaurants.


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Cafeterias, Street Food Stalls, Stands, Kiosks

22. Are there many street food stands, stalls, kiosks and food hawkers? What kinds of street foods are served?

23. Is there a shopping centre, courtyard, central or district area where you can find lots of small restaurants or food stalls clustered together? Describe it. Are they popular among locals? Who goes there?

24. Do you prefer waiters and waitresses or self-service buffet or cafeterias, or does it depend?

25. Cafeterias and street food stalls prepare and serve more delicious food than formal, table-restaurants. What do you think?


26. Do you or have you ever worked in a restaurant? What was your position?

27. I have friends who own restaurants. I know people who own restaurants. Yes or no? How do they describe the business?

28. The restaurant business is extremely competitive; it’s very cut-throat. Do you agree?

29. Would you like to set up a new restaurant or food stall? If you were to start a new restaurant what kind would it be? What type of cuisine would it feature?

30. Chefs can make lots of money. True or false? Are any of your friends chefs? Would you like to become a chef?

31. Food hawkers or food stall operators can become quite rich. What do you think?

32. What do you think restaurants will be like in the future?

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