relative clauses which 5

Relative Clauses

Which, five

Give at least three responses to the following.


51. My uncle is an engineer on board a merchant ship, which ______.

52. ______, that made him very angry.

53. Sandra bought a new car, which _______.

54. _______, which made some of the guests ill.

55. After many months, my former classmate found a new job, which _______.

56. _______, which was very foolish (stupid).


57. Collin married a woman young enough to be his daughter, which _______.

58. _______, which isn’t very healthy (is unhealthy).

59. At Ryan’s birthday party, his friends gave him a present, which ________.

60. ________, which is going to become a best-seller.

61. Martha and Andrew sailed on board a luxury liner, which ________.

62. ________, which made everyone laugh.

63. _____, which made everyone sleep.

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