relative clauses which 2

Relative Clauses

Which, two

Give at least three responses to the following.


13. Bradley spends much of his time on the internet, which ________ .

14. They went on a honeymoon to the Canary Islands, which _________.

15. ______, that made me feel very dizzy.

16. _____, which caused many people to protest and demonstrate.

17. _____, which made her lose her appetite.

18. Marla is working on her Ph.D. in computer engineering, which _______.


19. _______, which made him depressed.

20. My former classmate is studying web designing and graphics, which ________.

21. _______, that excited everyone!

22. Candace married Pat, a rich man, which _______ .

23._______, which is very difficult to learn and master.

24. My former flatmate has moved into a new apartment which ________ .

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