relative clauses where 4

Relative Clauses

Where, four

Give at least three responses to the following.


37. _______ where people were feasting and enjoying themselves.

38. Her neighbor had taught English in several cities in China, where _______.

39. ______ where the people are rude, impolite, mean and hostile.

40. Betty and Rodney sailed on a cruise liner through the Bermuda Triangle, where ______.

41. _________ where everyone was resting and relaxing.

42. _________ where they sell lots of fruit, vegetables, cheese and fish.


43. The tour group traveled to Egypt, where ________ .

44. _________ where everyone is happy and smiling.

45. The group went to the concert where ________ .

46. ______ where everything is very expensive.

47. The students are from India where________ .

48. Rachel has returned from a pilgrimage to Israel, where _______.

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