relative clauses where 3

Relative Clauses

Where, three

Give at least three responses to the following.


25. Last month, Laura and Dave went to the health spa where ________ .

26. Last week, the boy scouts climbed the mountain where ________ .

27. ________ where the architecture and culture is very exotic.

28. ______ where the food is fabulous!

29. Teenagers typically like to go to shopping malls where _________ .

30. _____ where they can find a girlfriend or boyfriend.


31. I spend the summer at my grandmother’s farm in a village where ______ .

32. Mr. Ferguson will go to the capital where _____ .

33. _________ where they saw many people singing and dancing.

34. ________ where there are lots of beautiful women (handsome men).

35. This summer, my wife (husband) and I are visiting Mexico, where ______ .

36. Several years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Carlson visited Austria where _________ .

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