relative clauses where 2

Relative Clauses

Where, two


Give at least three responses to the following.


13. Cynthia moved to London, where ________ .

14. Michael visited Amsterdam, where ___________ .

15. Andy __________, where there are lots of forests, rivers, lakes and mountains.

16. The university students ___________, where they partied and had a good time.

17. My friend and I went to the bazaar last Saturday where _____________.

18. Brenda and her boyfriend are going to the new restaurant where _________ .


19. ________ where everyone was staring at her.

20. ______ where the people are nice and friendly.

21. Later, they continued on to India, where _______ .

22. _______, where everyone likes to go during the weekend and holidays.

23. Next year, Nikolai will be emigrating to Germany, where _______.

24. ______ where it’s very stressful.




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