quick change

The Quick Change



quick season (2) couple (2)
wow item (2) technicality
inspire split (2) break/broke/broken (3)
decide mistake conversation
mess dump (2) messed up
hope good luck lose/lost/lost
act think (2) win/won/won
agree dream (2) this kind of
outfit charisma personality
perfect fantastic movement
slick get back entertaining
guys I think so absolutely
vote desperate sensational
keep amazing





Heidi Klum: Oh, hi guys.
Sixto and Lucia: Hello.
Heidi Klum: Who are you guys?
Sixto: My name is Sixto.
Lucia: My name is Lucia.
Heidi Klum: Why America’s Got Talent?
Lucia: On the first season of America’s Got Talent, we saw a couple who made a quick change. David and Dania, and they inspired us. And we dreamed that one day we would be on America’s Got Talent like them.
Howie: Oh, wow.
Heidi: Are you two an item?
Lucia: We were a couple for seven years — and then more than a year ago, we broke up.
Simon: Can I ask who split up with whom?
Lucia: We talked and we decided together because . . .
Simon: Well, started the conversation?
Lucia: We just decided.
Sixto: I made many mistakes.
Mel B: So you messed up and she dumped you.
Sixto: I know I lost a very good woman . . . I love her.
Heidi: You can always win her back, you know. Well there’s hope. Well, I love a quick change act. So good luck guys.
Sixto and Lucia: Thank you very much.


.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Howie: Wow!
Heidi Klum: Simon, what did you think?
Simon: Well, I’ve seen this kind of act a lot, and this actually is one the best ones I’ve seen.
Howie: I agree.
Sixto: Oh, thank you.
Simon: Part of the reason it is, is it’s not always about the technicality; it’s about the personality. And you’ve got amazing charisma; it was just a great act — perfect for America’s Got Talent.
Heidi: Howie.
Howie: I agree. I’ve never seen such a quick movement. I thought it was fantastic.
Heidi: Mel.
Mel B: You did it so slick. It was entertaining. And you know what? He really wants to get back with you.
Heidi: I think so too.
Mel B: He wants to get back with her. You guys are really, really quick.
Heidi: Three times, you did, and it was poom, poom, poom, poom, poom. I absolutely loved it. I’m going to start the voting with your first ‘yes’.
Sixto: Thank you.
Heidi: Simon.
Simon: You were sensational. You’ve got your second ‘yes’.
Heidi: Mel.
Mel B: Yes, yes, yes.
Heidi: Howie.
Howie: And I’m changing your three ‘yeses’ into four.
Mel B: He’s desperate to get her back.
Heidi: I know. You can tell.

Tyra Banks: Okay, I have a question. Can I keep the outfit.
Lucia: Of course. Why not?


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Sixto and Lucia’s act is completely original. They created the quick change magic. True or false?

2. Are they a married couple?

3. Lucia was not a good woman, so Sixto ended their relationship. Is this right or wrong?

4. What happened in their performance?

5. Did both Sixto and Lucia change clothes (equally)?

6. Were there two clothes that were different from the others?

7. What happened in the end?

8. The judges and audience were bored by their act. Is this correct or incorrect?


A. I have seen quick change acts before. Yes or no?

B. Do you have a large collection of clothes in your closet?

C. I know people who have a very big clothing collection.

D. My friends and I want to be fashion models. Yes or no?

E. My friends and I want to be magicians.

F. What will happen in the future?

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