propeller wheel

The Circus Wheel



chance free (2) landline
admit high (2) remember
twice scream honey (2)
scared literally take us through
hope prepare break (3)
nail (2) bite off oh my gosh
fully correct based on
crazy scream over and over again
freak toll-free freak me out
net through audition
clue mistake dramatic
flip deserve absolutely


Video 1




Tyra Banks: Now voting is already open if you are calling toll-free landlines. But remember, they are eight-six-six numbers — not eight-hundred.

So, next up is Bello Nock, and I’ll admit when I saw him audition, I screamed. Twice.

And Simon, it has been really dramatic getting him up here, you gotta take us through this, honey.

Simon: Well, I’ll tell you what happened: We watched the show in back, and he didn’t get through on the day.

I called Howie, and I said ‘you watched the show?’ and he said, ‘Yes’.
I said, ‘would you like to give this guy who’s nearly sixteen years old another break?’ And Howie said ‘yes’.

Howie: No first I said ‘Who is this’?”

Simon: Then I phoned the girls and I asked if you’d be prepared to give him another break, and they said ‘absolutely not.’ I hope . . .

Heidi: That’s not true!

Simon: So I basically said this guy deserves another chance based on what he did the last time.

God only knows what he’s going to do this time, but we’d like to see him on the live show.

Mel B: Simon says he makes mistakes, and corrects his mistakes publically.
Simon: Yeah, but unlike the others, I like to give people a second chance.


.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Tyra Banks: Bello; come over here. You were making me scream over there over and over again. Oh my gosh! Heidi.

Heidi: Bello! Crazy! Bello, you just freak me out!

I mean I was so scared, I don’t know about how you watch it at home, but when you watch it right here, it is sooo high. There’s no net. You have nothing to help you at all.

It looks like you have no clue what you’re doing — but you FULLY know what you’re doing!!!

And I’m loving it! I’m literally bit all my nails off. I mean when you were doing all these flips and walking up there so high, it was CRAZY!

You’re CRAZY!!!


Video 2



*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Viewers can vote via telephone for their favorite performers and acts. True or false?

2. In the beginning, were the judges arguing?

3. Bello Nock, the performer looked like an ordinary person. Is this right or wrong?

4. Describe what Bello did. What did Bello do?

5. Was his act safe or was it dangerous? Why was it dangerous?

6. Bello did his performance perfectly. He didn’t make any mistakes. Is this correct or incorrect?

6. Were the audience and judges bored? How did they feel? Did they have mixed feelings?

7. Was Heidi the judge very emotional? What did Heidi the judge say to Bello?


A. I was very surprised by Bello’s act. Yes or no? How did you feel?

B. Have you seen a performance like this before?

C. Do you think Bello has natural talent, does he train and practice, is he very passionate about the circus, or all of these reasons?

D. What will happen in the future?

E. My friends and I wish we could do acrobatics. Yes or no?

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