princess lily

Princess Lily

and her Cousin



cousin wake up headband
spoon cupboard get out (2)
bowl join (2) downstairs
routine normally get dressed
grass cereal (2) Limousine
royal banquet drive around






Emily: “Hi guys, it’s Emily. Today I’m joined by my cousin . . .”
Princess Lily: “Princess Lily.”
Emily: “And we’re going to show you our . . . “
Princess Lily: “Daily routines.”
Emily: “So let’s get started.”


I normally get up at around nine thirty.

I go downstairs. I open the cupboard, and get out my cereal. I get out a bowl. I put my cereal in the bowl . . . not forgetting the spoon. Or the milk.

Time to eat!

And now I got dressed.

I normally go to the park and play football with my dog.

And of course, play at the park.

I normally watch some TV before I go to bed.

Then I take off my headband. And go to bed.

Princess Lily

Lily normally wakes up at about mid-day.

Princess Lily: “Where’s my breakfast!?!”

See always get breakfast in bed.

Princess Lily: “This is my house. This are my gardens.”

Lily feeds her deer with grass.

Princess Lily: “This is my pet deer, Oran. And these are all my other deers. And this is my pet horse.”

Princess Lily: “Take me to the royal banquet.”

She gets driven around in her Limousine. She can go anywhere she wants.

When she gets home after her busy day, she normally brushes her hair.

At seven o’clock, she goes to bed — she needs her beauty sleep.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. For breakfast, Emily normally eats bacon, eggs, sausages, beans and mushroom. True or false?

2. Does she go to the shopping mall with her classmates? Where does she go? What does she do there?

3. Emily reads a book before going to bed. Is this right or wrong? What does Emily do before going to bed?

4. Does Princess Lily go to her kitchen and cook pancakes, waffles or French toast for breakfast?

5. She lives in an apartment. Is this correct or incorrect?

6. What sort of pets does Princess Lily have?

7. Does she take the subway and bus to get around? How does she get around?

8. She gets a lot of sleep. Yes or no?

9. Do Emily and Princess Lily have similar or different lives? Do they have the same character and personality? Do they think and behave the same way or differently? Do they speak the same way?


A. What time do you wake up? What do you have for breakfast? Does someone serve you breakfast in bed?

B. Where do you go sometimes? What places do you like to visit? Do you travel by a limo?

C. Are there princes and princesses in your country? Were there princesses, princes, kings and queens in the past?

D. Where do rich people live? What kind of houses do they have?

E. What do rich people do? What are their hobbies?

F. I wish I were a princess or price. Yes or no? Do you wish you could marry a price or princess?


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