price is right plinko million

A Million Dollars




host made it make/made/made
shirt million what’s going on
cardio play (2) got in store
fan (2) right (2) here we go
believe hundred win/won/won
chance store (2) awesome
worth up to (2) hundred-thousand
total chip (3) big/bigger/biggest
cord lithium digital (2)
clip buck (2) run/ran/run (3)
sonic cordless thermometer
buddy accurate reading (2)
drain provide down the drain
hope capacity humidifier
ultra- feature console (2)
mist side (2) get over (2)
price come on second (2)
way thousand on your way
last (2) middle my goodness
not bad congratulations






Drew Carry, Host: “You’ve made it! What’s going on? George, I can’t believe this has never happened . . . What does your shirt say? ‘Plinko is my cardio.’ You’re a big The Price is Right fan.

And it’s big money week. So George, tell him what he’s got in store.”

George, Announcer: “You Michael are going to play Plinko for a chance to win — listen to this — ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Drew Carry, Host: “A million-dollar Plinko. Here’s a chip worth up to two-hundred thousand dollars ($200,000), that one chip. And all the money’s bigger: we’ve got $2,500, a thousand. But the big one’s right in the middle: $200,000.

You can win four more chips, a total of five, a chance to win a total of a million dollars.

Let’s start winning some chips. Go ahead George.”

First. George, Announcer: “Alright, here we go Micheal. First up, this cordless, lithium-powered hair-clipper has a sixty-minute run time.”

Drew Carry, Host: “Does the price start with a three or end with a zero?”
Micheal, Contestant: “Ends with a zero (0).”
Drew Carry, Host: “Ends with a zero. It is . . . seventy bucks. George, next one, please.”

Second. George, Announcer: “Okay, second, this digital food thermometer provides and accurate reading in under three seconds!”

Drew Carry, Host: “Does it start with a one or end in a nine?”
Michael, Contestant: “Ends in a nine. Rachael . . . OH NO! It’s two-hundred thousand dollars down the drain. I hope you’re happy. Hahaha! I hope you’re alright. Next one, please.”

Third. George, Announcer: “We’re going to get this one right. Third, this ultra-sonic, cool, mist-humidifier features 3.5 liter capacity, so can run all day or night.

Drew Carry, Host: “The price of that starts with a nine or ends in a five?”
Michael, Contestant: “Ends with a five.”
Drew Carry, Host: “Ends with a five . . . Yeah, $35 bucks. Rachael. And finally . . .”

Four. George, Announcer: “And finally, this mini-video gaming console features thirty different games.”

Drew Carry, Host: “That price starts with a two or ends in a zero?”
Michael, Contestant: “Zero.”
Drew Carry, Host: “Zero. Rachael. It is . . . sixty-dollars. Yeah! Four chips. A chance to win eight-hundred thousand dollars ($800,000).

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Michael, get over this side to Rachael. Rachael, Michael.”
Rachael, Model: “Good luck, Michael. Come on!”
Drew Carry, Host: “On your way, buddy. Here we go!

Two-hundred-thousand dollars, right there in the middle. Here we go, $200,000 in the middle.

Let’s get one in the middle. One in the middle. Come on, baby. Come on.






Let’s have one more.

Plinko is his party album.

Oh, man. Oh.

Two more. Two more.

Two hundred thousand dollars in the middle . . . wow. Thousand bucks. Not bad.

Last chip. Here we go. $200,000 in the middle.

My goodness. Another thousand. Two-hundred, two-thousand dollars ($202,000). What a downhill.

Rachael Reynolds, Model: “Awesome!”

Drew Carry, Host: “Michael, $200,000. $202,000, at the start of this show. Not bad, buddy. Congratulations.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Yacht, Boat.
Does everyone in the audience wear formal attire? Was everyone wearing formal clothes?

Car, Automobile. Was Michael very excited and enthusiastic? Did Michael feel fantastic and excited? Why did he feel this way?

Food Mixer. In the first game, Michael and other contestants had to answer trivia questions, such as “How many legs does a spider have?” Or “Who invented bicycle?” Is this right or wrong? What do contestants have to do?

Electric Shaver. Were the store items electronics goods, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, mouses, headphones and microphones? What were some of the household items on display?

Hair Dryer. Did Michael choose the right prices? Did he get the correct prices?

To play Plinko, contestants have to know about politics and economics. True or false?

Stereo Set. Michael won one million dollars. Is this correct or incorrect?

Sofa, Armchair. Was the audience bored, sleepy and tired? Did the audience feel tired, bored and sleepy?

Curtains. I have played on a TV game show. My friends have played on TV game shows. Yes or no?

Bed, Bed-frame, Mattress. Are game shows popular in your city, region and country? What are the most popular TV game shows? Do you have a favorite game show?

Dining Table and Chairs. Why are there game shows? Why are game shows popular? How do game shows function?

Stove, Oven. My colleagues, classmates, friends and I would like to participate in a game show.

Washing Machine and Dryer. What might happen in the future?

Refrigerator, Freezer. Do you have any ideas for a game show? What could or should people and businesses do?

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