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The French Presidential Debate




debate duel (2) contender
last (2) post (3) a sight to behold
clash mind (2) campaign
though interrupt make the most of
useless issue (3) opportunity
sign (2) host (2) win/won/won
regime burst (2) candidate
cost confront demolish
tough spar (2) composure
rival through encounter
fluster sincerity come out (2)
policy sanction highlight (2)
laud depend counter (2)
harm remark candidate
loan raise (2) contender
secular belief (2) circumstance
insist effective rise/rose/risen
ban explore demonstrate
hijab confuse afraid (2)
patriot offensive headscarf
defend mean (3) clear/clearer/clearest
accuse intention harbor (2)
impose ambition undermine
unity respond get out of
brick share (3) argument
praise respect discipline
decide space (2) opinion poll
poll opinion find/found/found (2)
favor convince margin (2)
survey favorite considerable






Newscaster: Last night it held the presidential debate, the first and only duel between the contenders for the top post: Emanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. It was a sight to behold. Like I said, this was their first and only clash in this campaign.

And the candidates made the most of this opportunity: they sparred on a host of issues, interrupted each other’s remarks, and called each other’s plans useless.

So who won the debate?

Our next report explores.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Around 15.6 million viewers watched the debate, a debate that burst into life minutes after it started. The candidates confronted each other on every issue the war in Ukraine, cost of living, climate change, immigration and islamism.

Macron was on the offensive throughout, repeatedly interrupting his rival’s remarks.

Marine Le Pen wasn’t far behind. Unlike their encounter in 2017, she didn’t seem as flustered and underprepared; she kept her composure throughout.

So who came out on top in the end?

For that we’ll have to look at what the two contenders said. Here are four key highlights.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Number one, foreign policy. The two candidates sparred mainly over Russia. Le Pen lauded Macron for helping Ukraine — but also questioned EU sanctions which she said would harm the French people.

Macron counter attacked by raising Le pen’s support for Russia . . . and the fact that her party had taken loans from a Russian bank.

Emmanuel Macron, French President and Presidential Candidate: “For our country, this is bad news because you depend on the Russian regime — you depend on Putin, because a few months after you said that, Mrs Le Pen, you took out a loan in 2015 from a Russian bank.”

Marine Le Pen, Presidential Candidate: “He knows perfectly well that I’m a woman who was absolutely and totally free, and that I defend France because I am a patriot and I have demonstrated this all my life, and the French always in all circumstances.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Next they sparred over secularism and the rise of Islamism in France. Le pen called Macron’s policies on Islamism ineffective. She also insisted that the hijab should be banned in public.

Macron said he would never ban signs of religious belief. He said one shouldn’t confuse Islam with Islamism.

Marine Le Pen, Presidential Candidate: “I am in favor of banning the headscarf in the public space. I said it. I said it in the clearest way. I think that the head scarf is uniform imposed by the islamists.”

Emmanuel Macron, French President and Presidential Candidate: “You are going to create civil war if you do that I’m telling you this in all sincerity because it means that you’re attacking yourself.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

The third big highlight of the debate were the remarks on the future of the European Union. Le Pen said that she didn’t mind France staying in the EU, but wants to seek changes within it.

Macron accused Le Pen of lying about her intentions. He accused her of harbouring ambitions to demolish the EU and undermine Europe’s unity.

Emmanuel Macron, French President and Presidential Candidate: “Your project, when we put things back together brick by brick is a project that does not speak of itself, but which consists of getting us out of Europe.

Marine Le Pen, Presidential Candidate: “It has a name: it’s called the Europe of Nations.
Emmanuel Macron, French President and Presidential Candidate: “Yes, but if it’s only the European Union, you get out of the European Union. Mrs Le Pen, sorry to tell you, you can decide to paint your walls on your own.

But when you live in a shared housing, you can’t say from one day to the next.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

The arguments done with, both sides decided to end on a good note. Macron praised Le Pen for being more disciplined than five years ago.

Le Pen responded by saying that they were both getting old. Macron said he wasn’t sure about Le Pen, but he certainly had aged a lot.

Emmanuel Macron, French President and Presidential Candidate: “She is much more disciplined than five years ago, Mrs Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen, Presidential Candidate: yes it’s true i can see that we are getting older.
Emmanuel Macron, French President and Presidential Candidate: “I think it’s factual. I’ll be very respectful to you but I’m afraid you can see me getting older.”

So who won the debate?

Well if you go by what the French people are saying, Macron was the clear winner: opinion polls show that 59 percent found Macron to be more convincing than Le pen. 41 percent were in Le Pen’s favor.

In 2017, the same opinion poll had found that 63 percent of those surveyed favored Macron. 37 found marine Le Pen more convincing.

What does this tell you?

That macron may be the favorite to win, but his margin has considerably reduced. this leaves some room for an electoral surprise on the 24th of April.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Politics, Government. For the 2022 French Presidential Election, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen have had three separate debates. True or false? Were French citizens interested in the debate, were they nonchalant, both, in the middle or it depends?

Economy, Business. Was this the first time the two had debated each other? Was this a repeat of their debate in 2017?

Taxes, Revenue. They only argued about the war in Ukraine. Is this right or wrong? Does Le Pen support full economic sanctions against Russia?

Infrastructure, Facilities. Has Le Pen (always) criticized, attacked and demonized Vladimir Putin?

Transportation, Bridges, Highways. Both Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen want a free, open and tolerant society. Is this right, wrong, both, in the middle, or it depends?

Airports, Harbors, Ports. Are they both pro-EU or Euro-skeptics? What are their views on the European Union?

Education, Schools, Universities. How would Le Pen be characterized: a globalist, isolationist, nationalist, capitalist, socialist, pro-business, pro-labor?

Clinics, Hospitals. Le Pen and Macron are neck and neck in the polls. No one is sure who will win the presidential election. Is this correct or incorrect?
Military, Defense, Foreign Relations. Do voters in your country tend to be unified or divided in terms of politics, ideals and values?

Free Trade, Imports, Exports. Is there a correlation between demographics and ideology?

Pensions, Retirement Funds. What are some main concerns or issue for ordinary people?

Unemployment Benefits, Welfare. Who are some great or famous presidents, prime ministers or other leaders in your country’s history?

Council Housing, Public Housing. Have there been losing candidates who might have become great leaders?

Environment, Climate Change. What non-politicians or non-candidates might make great leaders?

Immigration, Migration, Refugees. What could or should people and politicians do?

The Media, Newspapers, Television. What might happen in the future?

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