present simple she he it

Present Simple

She, He, It, one


She, He, It in Positive Sentences

(+): She/He/It
Mrs. Remzi/My nephew+ (Verb-1)-s/es/ies
The driver/His step-sister

Note: have-has is irregular.


• Ice floats on water.
• The cruise liner departs at noon.
• Prajadhipok’s grandfather watches the news in the evening.
• Shervin studies engineering at a technical university.
• I have one cell-phone; my manager has three smart-phones.

Negative Sentences

(-): She/He/It
The vagabond/That guy in grey+ does not + Verb-1
His mother-in-law/The sergeant

• The pilot does not drink alcohol. He only drinks coffee.
• Our niece doesn’t work in a bank anymore; she works freelance now.
• The sun does not revolve around the earth. The earth revolves around the sun.






Respond to the following statements with that’s true, that’s false/not true, yes, no, I agree, I disagree, yes and no, maybe, in the middle, in a way, sometimes, it depends, probably, probably not, I doubt it, usually, rarely.

1. Douglas is a firefighter. He works only from Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Yes or no?

2. The internet makes life easy for everyone.

3. Bill doesn’t know any Spanish (or Russian, French, Chinese); only English. He will never function in Mexico (or Russia, France, China).

4. A physicist knows all the answers. A physicist can solve all problems in the world.

5. Ms. Chandra teaches literature at a school. Can she work in another organization or company? What other jobs can she do?

6. My cousin (or friend) sees an island. Where is she now? What is she going to do?




7. A person in the city center asks people for money. Why does he do this? What will people do?

8. Dr. Hainley is a doctor. What does he tell people? He tells people to . . . . .

9. Kelly’s friend often goes to New York, Las Vegas, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore. What is her job?

10. Mrs. Rogers owns and runs a small store. Is she rich? Did she attend university?

11. Brian plays rugby football. Describe him. What does he look like?

12. Lisa eats mostly vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, yogurt, butter, eggs. Why does she eat only these?




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