Present Perfect Simple, 2






People, Society

9. I have spoken to foreigners. True or false? Who were they? What did they talk about?

10. Describe the most beautiful woman or handsomest man you have ever seen.

11. Talk about the most interesting, intelligent, funny or unusual people you have met.

12. Has your friend ever been a victim of a crime? Have you ever witnessed a crime?

13. Do you know anyone who has committed a crime? What happened? Has your friend ever been arrested? Have you been in court?




Physical, Psychological

24. I have felt very proud, because I accomplished something.

25. Have you ever felt stressed? If yes, what was the circumstance? How can you get rid of stress?

26. When have you felt very ecstatic, elated, blissful, on top of the world? When and why?

27. Have you felt surprised or shocked by something or some event?

28. What was the most fascinating, most memorable or most interesting experience you have had?

29. I have had chicken pox. Yes or no? Have you ever had the mumps or measles? How often do you catch the cold?




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