present perfect simple three

Present Perfect Simple, 3



19. I have traveled abroad. I have been to a foreign country. Yes or no? If yes, which countries?
The most interesting or exotic place I have visited is ____________ .

20. Have you ever flown in an aeroplane (airplane)? Traveled on board a ship? Ridden a train? Driven a car? Ridden a horse, mule, camel?

21. When have you experienced culture shock or homesickness? Why did you feel this way?

22. I have stayed overnight in a hospital. True or false? Have you ever had an operation? What was it for? How was the care provided?

23. Do you know anyone who has been in jail or prison? How was the food?


24. My friend says she/he has seen a ghost, a UFO. Is this right or wrong? Do you believe in ghosts? In UFOs?

25. I have seen a wolf, bear, lion, bat, snake, owl, shark, elephant, deer, eagle, tiger, badger. Yes or no?

26. Have you ever seen a famous celebrity? Who was this person? Where did you see him or her?

27. I have made and uploaded videos of myself on Youtube. Is this correct or incorrect? Have you ever seen your friends on Youtube?

28. Have you ever met or seen people from Afghanistan? Amazonia? Armenia? Bosnia, Catalonia, Cyprus, Ecuador, Egypt, Iceland, Iran, Israel, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Morocco, New Zealand, Nigeria, Ohio, Okinawa, Palestine, the Philippines, Quebec, Samoa, Scotland, Siberia, Sicily, Somalia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tatarstan, Vietnam, or other places? What were they doing?



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