present perfect four

Present Perfect Simple, 4


Work, School

29. How long have you been studying English? Where have you studied English?

30. I have been promoted. If yes, from what to what position?

31. Have you written reports, research papers, books, or newspaper or magazine articles?

32. I given a speech or made a presentation. Yes or no? How did it feel?

33. Has your boss every chewed you out? Have you ever been scolded by a teacher?

34. Has your friend ever been fired, laid off, or made redundant? What for?

Other Experiences

35. I have been in the army (or navy or air force). Was your uncle or grandfather in the army? How was it?

36. Have you ever experienced a war? Have you ever taken part (participated) in a battle?

37. My friend has won an award, prize or competition. True or false?

38. Has your friend been in the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H Club, Young Pioneers, or other youth organization?

39. I have never lost data from my computer.

40. What are the most incredible or interesting stories that you have read or heard?


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