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Present Continuous, Two



The present continuous describes an action that is taking place at the moment of speaking. It also talks about short-term activities, or activities taking place in general, though not necessarily at the moment.

Basic Structure of the Present Continuous:

(+): Subject + am/is/are + ing-form.
(-): Subject + am/is/are + not + ing-form.


• I am fishing.
• You are not listening to me.
• The teacher is telling a story to the students.
Yes-No Questions in Present Continuous

Am/Are/Is + subject + ing-form.

Am I doing this right (correctly)? —> No, you aren’t. You’re supposed to add that chemical last.
Is Ronald bird watching again? —> Uh, actually…he’s spying on his neighbours.
Are they playing…or are they working? —> Good question. I think they’re actually working.
Is your ex-housemate still flipping burgers? —> No. Now he’s working on board a cruise liner.


Open-Ended (WH) Questions

WH Question Words:

What, When, Where, Which, Who, Whose, Why, How
What time, How many, How much, How often, How old

WH-Q: Q-word + am/are/is + subject + ing-form.


• What are you reading? —> I‘m reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.
• Why is Casper cleaning up the house? —> (He’s cleaning up the house) because some guests are coming over.
• Who is James dancing with? —> He’s dancing with Mrs. McDonald.


What Would you Say?

1. Mr. Rossini sees his nephew focused intently on his computer. What does he ask him?
2. You see your flatmate in the kitchen surrounded by all kinds of vegetables, meat, herbs, spices. What do you ask him or her?
3. Sam and Delilah find their neighbour doing various things in his back garden. What do they ask him?







Answer or Complete the Following. Say Why and Give Examples

Business, Work, Career

1. What is the president or prime minister doing right now? She or he is . . . .

2. What is your boss or CEO thinking about right now? What are they doing?

3. What are your professors up to in your university? What are they doing? What are your teachers doing at this moment?

4. Mr. Rogers is the owner of a restaurant. It is Sunday. Is he resting and relaxing?

5. Julia is . . . . . because she wants to have a successful career.

6. Paul is unemployed. What is he doing today?

Social, Persona

7. Some people are protesting in the capital city. Why are they protesting?

8. Tom is . . . . . . because he wants to impress the girls.

9. Timothy is suffering from stress. So now, . . . . . . .

10. Mrs. Graves is a millionaire. What is she doing now?

11. What are people doing in the city center right now?

12. What is your best friend doing at this moment?



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