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Present Continuous, Four



The present continuous describes an action that is taking place at the moment of speaking. It also talks about short-term activities, or activities taking place in general, though not necessarily at the moment.

Basic Structure of the Present Continuous:

(+): Subject + am/is/are + ing-form.

(-): Subject + am/is/are + not + ing-form.

• I am relaxinging.
• You are not paying attention to the teacher.
• The camp counselor is telling a story to the teens.

Yes-No Questions in Present Continuous

Am/Are/Is + subject + ing-form.


Am I doing this correctly? —> Yes, you are. You’re learning quickly.
Is Dave spying on his neighbors again? —> Sort of…he’s studying their social media.
Are they playing…or are they working? —> They’re doing both; it’s work and play.
Is your flatmate still looking for a new job? —> No. Now he’s found work as a cemetery caretaker.

Open-Ended (WH) Questions

WH Question Words:

  What, When, Where, Which, Who, Whose, Why, How
  What time, How many, How much, How often, How old

WH-Q: Q-word + am/are/is + subject + ing-form.


• What are you listening to? —> I‘m listening to a recording of Tony Robbins.
• Why is Linda cleaning up the house? —> (She’s cleaning up the house) because her friends are coming over.
• Who is Sandra dancing with? —> She’s dancing with Mr. Fullerton.


11. Many people visit the shopping mall. What are they doing at the shopping mall?

12. Michael is . . . . . . because he wants to live to be a hundred.

13. Journalists are interviewing the professor of criminology. Why are they interviewing the professor?

14. What is your neighbor doing or thinking about right now?

15. Emma is writing a book about her experiences. Why is she writing a book?


16. What is the president or prime minister doing right now?

17. Timothy is suffering from stress. So now, . . . . . . .

18. Mrs. Graves is a millionaire. What is she doing now?

19. Paul is unemployed. What is he doing today?

20. Mr. Rogers is the owner of a Domino’s Pizza franchise. It’s Friday. What is he doing now?


Present Continuous


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