prepositions other uses one

Other Proposition Uses, I

Propositions in other uses (about, at, by, from, of)

A. About

About, having something to do with; concerning, regarding. Black Beauty is a story about a horse.

1. What was your school or university project about? My university project was about . . . .

2. What do you like to read about? I like to read about . . . .

B. At

At, for age. Maria learned English at 50.

3. At what age can people drink alcohol, get a (part-time) job and vote?

4. When can people get married? When can they retire?

C. By

By, who made it (usually in the passive). This book was written my Professor Jeremy Weinstein.

5. Who built the biggest, most beautiful and historical buildings in your country?

By, the rise or fall of something. The price of bread (rice, flour, potatoes, corn) has risen by 7%.

6. Have prices gone up in your city?

7. Has the population in your city or country increased or decreased?

By, traveling (other than walking or horseriding). The children go to school by bus.

8. How do you and your colleagues come to work?

9. How do you like to travel?

D. From

From, who gave it. This gift is from my second cousin, Linda.

10. I receive a lot of Christmas and birthday presents. Is this correct or incorrect? Who gives them to you? Who do you receive presents from? Who receives a lot of presents?

E. Of

Of, belonging to, named. The CEO of Apple will give a presentation.

12. Who is the CEO of your company? The CEO of my company is . . . .
What is his or her background?

13. Who was the greatest or most famous leader of your country?

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