prepositions of time

Prepositions of Time, I

Prepositions of time are those that indicate time. They include ago, at, before, by, for, in.

In “The house beside the stream,” beside is a preposition. It has an object, stream. The phrase as a whole acts as an adjective modifying house.




A. After

After, later than a certain point of time. After 1998, cell phones became very popular.

1. What do people do after they retire? After people retire,

2. When should people get married?

B. Ago

Ago, a certain time in the past. I bought this tablet two years ago.

3. Thirty years ago, few people were interested in learning English. True or false?

4. Life was better 50 years ago. What do you think?

C. At

At, for night, a certain point in time. My cousin works at night. People will celebrate at twelve o’clock, midnight.

5. Who works at night? What people work at night? Do you know any night owls? Do you know any early birds?

6. Everyone start work at 6:00 am. Yes or no? What time do people start work (at your company)? When do you finish? What time does your school start?



D. Before

Before, earlier than a certain time. You must eat your vegetables before you can have dessert.

7. Should people work before they play, or should people play before they work? Should people play first or work first?

8. What was life like before the internet? Was life better or worse before the internet?

E. For

For, over a certain period of time (past till now). I have lived and worked in this city for ten years.

9. How long have your friends been studying English? They have been studying English for . . . . years. How long have people in your country been learning English?

10. How long do smartphones last? How long are laptops good for? Smartphones last . . . . . Laptops are good for . . . . .

G. In

In, for months, seasons, part of day, year, after a certain period of time. In April, in winter, in the morning, in 2000, in one week.

11. People are happiest in winter. Is this right or wrong? In which month are people happiest?

12. What is the most memorable year for you? What is your favorite year? What did you do in 2018?

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