prepositions of time 2

Prepositions of time, II

There are only about 60 prepositions in English. The most common ones include at, by, in, for, on, to, and with. Prepositions must have objects, the words or phrases they introduce.

Thus, down is a preposition in the sentence “Mary fell down the well.” Down has no object in the sentence “Mary fell down” and is an adverb.

Prepositions of time are those that indicate time (in, on, since, till, to, until)

F. In

In, for months, seasons, part of day, year, after a certain period of time. In April, in winter, in the morning, in 2000, in one week.

14. You boss gives you a new assignment. Does it have to be finished in a day, a week, month? When does it have to be finished by?

G. On

On, days of the week, the weekend. I have to work on Monday. Many university students go home on the weekend.

15. All my friends have to work on Monday. True or false? Do people like Mondays? Do you work on Saturday and Sunday? Do you know anyone who has to work on Saturday and Sunday?

16. On Fridays and Saturdays, does everyone party and celebrate? Or do they visit their family in a village?

17. What happens in your town or neighborhood on weekends? Is you city quiet or active and lively on weekends?

H. Since

Since, from a certain point of time (past till now). Ronald spends a lot of time online since he got a smartphone.

18. Tom has been very happy since . . . .

19. My friend has changed since . . .

20. The economy has improved since . . .

I. Till

Till, until. in the sense of how long something is going to last. We have a four-day holiday; it lasts from Friday to Monday.

21. How long do holidays last? How long is your workday? How long do you typically work on a project?

22. How long are professional athletes, sports stars, dancers, models and singers active before they “retire”?

23. How long was your country a monarch?

J. Until

Until, till. in the sense of how long something is. Mr. Jenkins is ill. He won’t be here until Monday.

24. If your colleague gets the cold (flu) today, how long will he or she be absent from work?

If my colleague gets ill, he will be absent until . . .

25. How long can teenagers stay out?

26. What time do discos, bars and night clubs stay open till? They stay open till . . .

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