prepositions of position

Prepositions of Position

Grammatically, a preposition introduces a word or phrase and connects that word with the word it modifies.

Here we look at prepositions of positions: above, across, at, below, by (next to, besides), in, on, under.

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Answer the following questions or respond to the statements. Say why or give examples.

E. By (next to, besides)

By (next to, besides), at the side or edge of; near; beside. In my classroom, I sit by the window.

13. Do you or your friends feel comfortable or uncomfortable sitting next to strangers on the bus or subway?

14. I work or study better when I sit next to a window. Yes, no, sometimes, it doesn’t matter, it depends?

15. During ceremonies and special events, who stands besides the president (or CEO and directors)?

F. In

In, within; not outside. Put the tools back in the tool shed.

16. Is it better to put money in a bank or under your mattress?

17. Everything important to me is in my computer. True or false?

18. Most people rather work indoors (in office buildings or factories) than outside. Do you agree?



G. On  

On, being on a surface, wall, public transport. Your book is on the table. There is a picture on the wall. I’m on the bus right now.

19. People have more things on their desks today than in the past. Is this right or wrong?

20. People usually hang their certificates, degrees and diplomas on their office walls. Is this correct or incorrect? Why do some people hang certificates on their walls?

21. What do people do when they are on the bus or train?

22. Do you sometimes see litter on the street? What happens to litter?

H. Under

Under, below, beneath. The ball is under the table.

23. What do your friends have under their bed?

24. Some people bury gold and silver in their garden, under a stone or tree. Do you agree?

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