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Prepositions of Location

A preposition is a word that shows certain relations between other words. With, for, by, and in are prepositions in the sentence “A man with rugs for sale walked by our house in the morning.”


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A. Above

Above, higher than something else, but not directly on it. My aunt placed a painting above the sofa. Higher or more than, over. Engineers earn above average salaries.

1. Does anyone live above you? Who lives above your room or house? Are they your friends?

2. Presidents are above average in height. Yes or no? Should presidents and CEOs be below, average, above average in height, or it doesn’t matter?

3. Which jobs have above average salaries? Why do they have above average salaries?

4. No one — not a president, prime minister, rich person, police officers, or even a king — is above the law. What do you think?

B. Across

Across, on the other side of; beyond. There are some good restaurants across the railway station.

5. Are there houses or businesses across from your house? What is across from your home?

6. There are restaurants across my company. True or false? What is across from your school or company?




C. At

At, in; on; by; near. Knock. Knock. Someone is at the door.

7. If someone is at your front door, what do you do? Do you open the door?

8. Lady Gaga will be at the city plaza. What will happen there? Do pop stars perform at your city plaza?

D. Below

Below, lower than; under. The storage room is below the kitchen.

9. Is there a storage room, cellar or basement below your school, house or company?

10. People consider blue-collar, laboring jobs below white-collar, office or professional jobs. What do you think?

11. There are bunkers below the city surface. Yes or no?

E. By

By (next to, besides), at the side or edge of; near; beside. In my classroom, I sit by the window.

12. At school and home, I prefer to sit by the window. Yes or on?

13. On trains, buses and planes, do you prefer sitting by the window?

14. My city is by a river (or lake, sea or ocean) or mountain. True or false? If yes, is this a coincidence?

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