preposition other uses 2

Other Preposition Uses, II

Prepositions in other uses (of, off, on, out of)

E. Of

Of, what it shows. The tourists took pictures of the castle.

14. What is the most visited place in your town or city? The most visited place is . . . .

Of, made from. The houses here are made of wood.

15. What are the houses in your region made of? What kind of houses do you prefer?

F. Off

Off, leaving a public transport vehicle. from; away from; far from.

16. The ship is off course. Is this good or bad?

Off, subtracted from. There is a sale: everything is 15% off.

17. The cheese, milk, meat, vegetables and fruits in the supermarket are 25% off. Why are they reduced in price?

G. On

On, walking or riding on horseback. Our children go to school on foot. The police came on horseback.

18. In the city, most people commute on foot. Is this right or wrong?

19. Do you ever see anyone on horseback? Who are they? Why do they ride horses?

H. Out of

Out of, leave a place. Get out of this house!

20. Brenda yelled, “Get out of my house! And stay out!” to Jimmy (or Sally). Why did she say that?

21. Chris: “I’ll be glad when I am out of here.” What does he mean?

Out of, not having, without. We are out of tea.

22. Tim is out of money. What should he do? What should the government do when it’s out of money?

23. Randal is out of town on a business trip. What is he doing now?

24. PCs, and old keypad cell phones are out of fashion. What do you think? What from your teenage years is now out of fashion?

Out of, from within. The magician took a rabbit out of his hat.

25. Everyone watched as Miss England took a number out of the lottery box. Why?

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