predictions 4

Predictions, IV


Respond to the following statements. Say why and give examples.

Here are some prediction. What do you think? It will definitely happen. It will probably happen. It might happen. It could happen. It probably won’t happen. I doubt it. It will never happen.

Economics, Business

29. Everything will be made in China — and then in South Asia . . . and then Africa.

30. All computer programming and operations will be done in India, Russia, and Eastern Europe.

31. Every country will have their own currency; the Yuan will serve as the new international reserve currency.

32. Tourism will become the largest single industry, and more people will work in tourist-related occupations than in any other field.

Work, Career

33. Women will dominate business, communications, finance, government, health care, education, law, and retail and wholesale; men will do mostly engineering, technical, and farm work.

34. Many people will be super business savvy, super high-tech and super rich; others will become and remain redundant.

35. Computers and automation will perform most jobs, freeing people to engage in artistic, intellectual, literary, musical and other cultural and creative pursuits.

36. Everyone will work as independent freelancers.


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